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The Beach where I live.


An award winning team of gardeners hopes sand from Frinton will help them to medal sucess at the Chelsea Flower Show.
About 15 sacks from the towns beach will be transported to London so the team from Bishops Stortford can recreate a 1950s beach.
The 20sqm garden will be edged with authentic reclaimed groynes,with a rockpool filled with seaside plants and the Frinton sands.
It will sit with genuine 1950s memorabilia such as a bucket and spade,deckchair and flask.
The teams plan was under threat because it is diffcult to get real beach sand.
Most beaches are owned by the Crown Estate but Tendering Council leases Frinton beach and gave it’s blessing.

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Sounds interesting - I hope there are more plants than just in the pool. I do wonder when I see winning gardens (Chelsea included) whether any real people would do things like that in their own gardens.... I was thinking about the one last year with the lettuces!

10 Apr, 2008


Good luck to Frinton - on - Sea and your efforts to get real beach sand . I defy anyone in Chelsea to tell the difference between that and sharp sand . What they going
to do sprinkle it on their prawn sandwiches?
Live between Scarborough and Whitby so know about real sand.They insisting it has to be from Frinton ? Please gonna change my tag to Chelseajudge.

10 Apr, 2008


I think that the removal of real beach sand, transportation, etc., is all a bit dubious! And I thought that the RHS was going greener and stricter? Surely, it doesn't have to be real beach sand to illustrate the idea? And, do they think that, by using authentic, reclaimed groynes, that this reduces their carbon footprint? I hope the sacks of sand don't contain any microscopic wildlife, whose only connection with the Show will be the "sea" in Chelsea. (Sorry for letting off steam, Jackie).

11 Apr, 2008


It does sound wonderful Jackie and I do wish the group

11 Apr, 2008

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