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I love my bonsai trees and have a dozen or so in various stages, many young that I have been training myself from young stock. I have also grown a small rhododendron from a cutting and dug a couple of saplings up and started training them on, it’s good to see bonsai in various stages….. it is also the best way to learn the ‘art’ of bonsai I think. I am now looking for more! I want pretty urgently a wisteria and a bouganvillea…. my next projects…..! My winter jasmine young bonsai has just got it’s first lovely yellow flower and my pomegranite is living with my beloved ficus (fig) in the summerhouse but now the planning has started for the autumn and winter and 2 nice worktops have been built in the garage under the window. I rescued a chinese elm from homebase (DIY shop) which was virtually dead, bought it for £1, fed, loved and watered and it is now full of leaves. Very satisfying indeed.

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An interesting subject is Bonsai, I know you need patience for it. Welcome to GoY.

27 Aug, 2009


Thank you.... it does take patience BUT I have over 200 feet of very mature garden to take care of and sometimes it is nice to sit at the garden table in the sun, with a cup of coffee and tweak, rather than mow, chop, dig and strim! So they are small, controllable and quite therapeutic but more work than people realise.

27 Aug, 2009


I found a small oak seedling lying on the road back in the spring. I brought it home and decided to make it into a bonsai.

27 Aug, 2009


good for you, amazing how quickly they take on the right look.... I have done the same with small garden saplings and even a cutting from my rhododendron (currently a little 6-8 inch bonsai) and a winter jasmine (with it's 1st little yellow flower) - what a proud 'mum' I am hehe.....

27 Aug, 2009


Welcome to GOY

28 Aug, 2009

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