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By jacque


When I joined GOY back In Feb this Year i used a 3Pix Vivitar Camera which had no Zoom/Crop Feature,My Phil got me it 4 My Birthday 2yr ago :)

I was`nt happy with my Pictures & thought id Treat myself to something Newer& not 2 Exspensive,Also had 2 be something simple as im no bird Brain of Britain lol ,So i got this Only £49.99 ! Baragin i thought &its great for Close ups/Crops :)

I took a looked in the New Argos Book & look what i saw ! Its 10 Pix & 5 Zoom :D Just think what Gorgeous Pics youd get from this ? Costing £79.99 bit out my price Range Sadly but iv got it on my Xmas Gift List ;)

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hi jacque , thats just like my camera, have a look in dixons and comet they have the same cameras as argos, john got me my one from comet and it was cheaper than in the argos catalogue

31 Jul, 2008


U lucky Lady u its a super Camera Eileen :)

31 Jul, 2008


think john said it was 50 quid, not that exact one mind jacque lol............ check comets website, they might be havin a summer sale on

31 Jul, 2008


Oh Marguerite! Don't mention the 'C' word! We haven't had any summer yet... still waiting and hoping.

31 Jul, 2008


Hmmm - only three weeks till the first C******** charity cataloge arrives then :-(

31 Jul, 2008


OMG ! as much as I like the holiday, you know, the one where we dececorate trees in the house and exchange gifts... I am NOT ready to hear the " C " word either :)

31 Jul, 2008


Well Jacque..... How about leaving discreet notes about the house mentioning the camera to Phil? You could write one every week as a countdown to the 'C' word !
I've got a funny feeling you will find one with your pressies!

1 Aug, 2008


;) Great idea Grenville ,i think il just leave the New Argos Book laying open on the page with Camera On&also put a Piece of paper in it as a Book Mark lol:) Who needs2be Discreet Hey lol ;)

1 Aug, 2008


That sounds like a great idea Jacque!
If Phil asks why the Argos catalogue page is open on the cameras section you can blame us both and say it was our idea!
I bet the camera will turn up as a pressie at some point. How exciting. Bet you can't wait.
Best wishes from both of us xx

1 Aug, 2008


lol i love the Idea of blaming u& Alan Grenville ,HHhhhhhhmmmm now what else can b your faults ;)

1 Aug, 2008


Hi Jacque..... we wont go down that route! XXX

2 Aug, 2008

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