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After the 3Hour Shower.....


By jacque


i went outside with my Camera & took some pics of pretty Wet Leaves :) 1st i went over to every1s fav wet plant leaf ! Yep the Ladys Mantle

& close to this is planted Vinca ! Just look how the droplets reflect its lovely purple colour :O

then i took a stroll over to the Lupins i planted few months ago

Of cos i couldnt leave out the Aquilegia could i

Well i was almost back up 2 house when i saw the Day Lily leafs Very Wet id say

thats it i thought 2 myself off 4 a cupa now so i started 2 go in when i noticed Summers Wet Nose lol Yep she`d been outside with me as always &had been sniffing the very wet Grass :D
Well thats the end of my Shower pics :)

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Yep i was out taking photo's today as well , everything looked so fresh and bright after the rain , it was lovely . Lovely pics x

23 Apr, 2008


Nice when the rain has fallen but I do like the sunshine.Nice photos would never had know thats Summers nose lol

23 Apr, 2008


Are you sure that's the nose end, Jacque? lol. Your Alchemilla is much more advanced that mine, by the way.

23 Apr, 2008


lol yes im sure its her nose Barbara her very wet nose :D The Alchemilla came from my lovely little neighbour Anns garden, shes given me so many plants 2 get my garden off to a great start,The dark bleeding heart was also another plant shed given me & all those forget-me-nots&Grape Hyachinths&Elephants ears Phew so many :D

23 Apr, 2008


Glad u like the pics Margarette & Janette nothing like a shower 2 clear the AIR !

23 Apr, 2008


Well, Jaccue, I did say about raindrops on the Lay's Mantle! Stunning pics! I love the effect that rain has on plant colour and appearance - well photographed!

23 Apr, 2008


Raindrops on plants always look like diamonds to me and as we all know us ladies do like our little gems....your pictures are really smashing Jacque I can just imagine you making a mad dash in and out between the showers.

You're a lucky lady Jacque to live next door to a generous plants woman I just wish more on out road were into their gardens so I could share my plants with them too.....looks like all I will be sharing with them this year is my tomatoes and

24 Apr, 2008


Thanx 4 your kind comment on my pics Hel, The Diamond is my Birth Stone & also my Fav ;) Iv a Crystal Diamond on a Neck Chain that i wear all the time :) Have good day gardening2day as it looks sunny ? My Neighbours are Fab where i live &are always willing2help im so lucky your rite there :D

24 Apr, 2008


Hi Jacque.
The shower pics are great. Everything looks so fresh.The shades of green are so luscious as well.
Lets hope things start to improve with the weather now.
Best wishes,
Grenville and Alan.

24 Apr, 2008


Thanks Grenville&Alan the shower gave everything in the garden a good wash thats 4 sure :)

24 Apr, 2008


Hi Jacque getting to grips with that camera arent you! Think Alchemella at its best when wet those droplets of water sit so well on it your photo really shows that.Well done.

24 Apr, 2008

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