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Hi all. I am married with two children, although one has flown the nest now. I love gardening in the spring, summer and early autumn - not so much the winter! We live in a semi with a largish garden, and I've loved gardening for about 8 or so years now. Before that it was just another chore. I love working in the garden but as I get older and the kids are grown/growing up, I'm beginning to wish my garden was a bit smaller - about half the size would be wonderful. I don't like mowing the two lawns! Last year we transformed our small front garden and I'm thinking of writing a blog about it, with some photos. The garden has gradually evolved since we moved in - we gradually change things, if we want to, as and when we can afford it. There are still things I'd like to change - a new path and patio would be lovely but until we win the lottery I will have to make the best of what we've got!

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