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A walk in the garden when I should be working!!!!!!!!!!!


By jane21


One of the problems working at home is it’s all too easy to become distracted and focus on other things. It’s such a lovely sunny day today, I don’t want to be in my studio, I want to be in the garden. Writing this blog is a half way measure to actually climbing into the loft to begin work!
Because we had such a late start and I live north, the garden is slow this year to get going. But, I have taken a few snaps, which I will update as things move on.

These are the front of the house. The little border was built by Mick 2 years ago and is full of annuals and some hardy perenials. I use it to add bright colours against the stone.

The veg and soft fruit garden is just beginning to take off, beans still very slow.

The standard bush things are gosseberry bushes, given to me by my Dad. They never had a gooseberry in his garden, their 2nd year here and they have quite a lot of fruit. After the goosegogs is a strawberry bed. Not a lot doing this year as I just moved them there in spring. Then there is an onion and garlic bed and then a courgette and squash bed. A big rasperry bed to the right of the gossegogs, onions and courgettes has provided an excellent screen from the scrapyard area – ooops sorry Mick your restoration projects, silly me.
I put a few lettuces in a growbag quite early on and they flourished like mad, nearly ready for 2nd planting out of the lollo rosso, webs and iceberg. Have got a new variety of red iceberg coming on, will see how it shapes up, never tried it before.

The greenhouse has my tomatoes, a couple of peppers and aubergines and some basil that doesn’t like outside too much. As with all my veg, everything is grown from seed. A great company is The Real Seed Company. They are online and I think are utterly brill. They put the big boys to shame. mind you, after reading some of the blogs re T&M, not difficult.
The blackcurrent bushes along the right hand side of the wall looking up to the house are teeming with berries, but late this year cos of the weather.
Finally, the last shot is of the swallows nest in the barn. I always love it when they come back home and shed a tear when they leave for their winter sun. They are part of what embodies an English summertime for me.
We are still on a steep development curve with the garden here. Taming North Yorkshire field is not an easy task, particularly on a shoestring buget!!! It can be a little frustrating when the sheep or ponies escape and trash 6 months work. But touch wood, not too much damage this year so far! (Fingers crossed) Last year the sheep ate all the sprouts (which I hate anyway) and I wondered about letting them eat the rosemary and roasting them, there on the spot with the sprouts still inside them. The ponies devoured 2 David Austin roses this spring and thoughts of glue came to mind. Heyho a gardeners lot can sometimes be a frustrating one!
Bye for now Jx

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Lovely pics Jane! No wonder you don't want to begin work living in such a beautiful setting. It looks so peaceful there. Shame about the horses eating your roses...but no glue please.....:o)

15 Jun, 2010


A lovely blog Jane and I like the sheep comment, what a good Idea ;-))
Any chance of you doing a small blog on your jewellery?

15 Jun, 2010


Thankyou for the lovely comments!
oh yes jewellery, that is what I should be making NOW. I have 2 pearl necklaces to do and 2 silver bangles with dangly silver charms. I haven't made the charms yet, never mind the bangles! They're being collected tommorrow!!
Yes will do a little jewellery blog in the not too distant future! Jx

15 Jun, 2010


i do most of my thinking in the garden and you can just say your looking at this beautiful day for inspiration,there so you are working,i would do the sheep and glue thing def lol

15 Jun, 2010


I do like silver, I'm a big Lovelinks fan (they cost me as much as my plants!!)

15 Jun, 2010


It`s a wonder you manage to work at all with such a lovely garden to wander round in.Sad for you but made me smile when you said about the sheep and as for the horses perhaps they thought they were chocolates (roses bad joke)!!

15 Jun, 2010



15 Jun, 2010


You have a lovely garden Jane21....

15 Jun, 2010


Thank you Michealla. There are some stunning gardens on this site aren't there. (Yours included). Jx

15 Jun, 2010


lovely garden and house.

15 Jun, 2010


I love the garden and the house also.

16 Jun, 2010


It is so lovely, take your time sorting the garden side out, just do a bit at a time, you said it - it is a lifelong project - and gardening is just the same, make sure you find time to relax in your garden, it isn't all about work, even when you have to clear up after the wayward animals, your blog was lovely to read and the pictures of the stone farmhouse made me yearn to go back to my home county. Thanks for sharing. - Barbara

17 Jun, 2010


Thanks Barbara, you are quite right of course, so I am going to sit on the patio for half an hour and watch Mme Caroline Testout open her first flowers this year! With a cuppa!! Jx

17 Jun, 2010


Wow, what a lovely garden, I must say if I had a garden like this no work would ever get done! I like your idea of feeding the rosemary to the sheep, but you might set the neighbours talking when they witness you sniffing them to see which one is pre flavoured, lol. Anyway as a silver jewellery lover I insist you have that cuppa then get back to work. x

18 Jun, 2010

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