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Just a quick moan..............


By jane21


I am so mad, well irritated. I wanted my pots to have a pink, mauve, purpley thing going on this year, spent a fortune and selected plants and colours accordingly. A pack of 6 geraniums from Morrisons which I bought as a sugary pink, from a pallet of similar geraniums all labelled pink, have just started to flower………………………………..bright orange, not even geranium red. Yes they are a lovely colour and all plants look nice together, but I WANTED pinks. Stamps foot and wanders off muttering darkly.

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I've had the same problem with the Petunias from Morrisons, I think people swap them around in the trays, very annoying, but they are such good value, what can you do? Oh yeh stamp feet and grumble a lot! lol

30 Jun, 2010


It is annoying when things come out the wrong colour, I pass on anything like that to my neighbour. She was waiting for a red Anemone de Caen but all the corms came up pink and blue for me :-)))

30 Jun, 2010


Sorry 2 hear this Jane21 :( I also brought sum Petunias From Morrisons & they were ment 2 be Doubles but came out Singles :( Big Sulk :(

30 Jun, 2010


You're not alone, as I posted a photo of an Aquilegia, 'Winky Blue and White' and a member pointed out it's not that at all ! This came from a national chain of Garden Centres ! Grrrrr ....

30 Jun, 2010


Glad I'm not on my own!!!! I have been known to whip the offending plant out and replace it. Trouble is, it's a bit far on in the season to do that now. The other plants are much futher on and it would be impossible to dis entangle all the roots. Bright orange will have to stay. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
(I am going to have a right moan at them in Morrisons when I next go there though - it'll make me feel better)!

30 Jun, 2010


That sounds disappointing :o(( I hope you've managed to blend them into your colour scheme somehow. That often happens.

30 Jun, 2010


My new Burgundy Wine Mallow flowered yesterday, It's not Burgundy wine at all, It's Barnsley which I've had before. The colour will be ok but that's not the point....

1 Jul, 2010


How very irritating. I think the growing nurseries get these mixed up. It's not acceptable though. I mean if Dulux put one colour on the tin and another inside it, how many complaints would they get..............?

1 Jul, 2010


So very true Jane

1 Jul, 2010

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