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A trip to David Austin's Rose Garden


By jane21


Mick and I decided to treat ourselves to a day off and go down to David Austin’s on Sunday. A fair journey for a day out as it is about 140 miles from where we live!
The weather was kind and the rain managed to hold off, which was an added bonus.
We kicked off with lunch (slightly hastily eaten as the garden was calling)!! but really lovely – nice dry white wine and coronation chicken with crusty bread and salad. Yum!!!
I have been before, so had a benchmark from which to judge the garden this year. Perhaps we went a little late in the season, or perhaps the long dry spell followed by torrential rain had taken its toll, but I felt the garden wasn’t really in tiptop condition.
Of course I took loads of photos and thought I’d share the best of them with you all.

This is Grace

This is Princess Alexandra of Kent. I bought one of these!

This is the rambler Bellevedere. We aren’t sure where we will put one yet……….But we HAVE to have this!

The Countryman

The Herbalist

Great name – Ingeneous Mr Fairchild

John Betcheman

Wise Portia – the blooms were extraorinarily huge.

The pavilion with St Swithens climbing up the back.

I thought this looked good in the tub……just can’t remember what it is!!

Yet another of Princess Alexandra of Kent

It was a lovely day out and very useful, as Mick and I got plenty of new ideas for our garden. I did buy 3 roses as well! Well pointless going all that way…………………. I’ve put these 3 on my photos page!

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A trip to DA gardens and Oxford are my top two places I wish to visit. Sounds like you had a lovely day, and a really nice lunch.

12 Jul, 2011


I'll bet there's a waiting list to work there, love to vist.

12 Jul, 2011


Well worth a visit heron, it's different from other nurseries I think, a lovely Rose garden to enjoy as well as all the other normal bits.

Lovely photos Jane, thank you, we went last year at the end of our holiday and somehow managed to squash in two roses amongst the luggage!

12 Jul, 2011


Oh wow...They are beautiful roses, brilliant pictures! My favourite there has got to be 'Belvedere', must buy this one! Thank you so much for sharing.:)))

12 Jul, 2011


I knew you'd love these Michaella. I did think of you whilst I was there too, as I know how you love your roses! Jx

12 Jul, 2011


Thanks for posting those pictures, I love roses too. Think I shall have to visit D.A. rose gardens will put it on my visiting to do List.

12 Jul, 2011


We ought to have a GoY stand there! It's nearly in the middle of the country - long way for those of you on the coast tho!

12 Jul, 2011


These pics are gorgeous! Love them all ...sigh

12 Jul, 2011


Fantastic photos really lovely all of them:)

12 Jul, 2011


I usually manage to go at least once a year Jane and the last visit was in May when I bought Ballerina and Malvern Hills.We started out in sunshine, takes us about 3/4 hour and by the time we got there it was bucketing down and most of the gardens were looking a sorry sight. I think because we have only been having the occasional day of sunshine but plenty of cold heavy showers its taken its toll. Its such a shame because its such a delightful place to visit and the scent is wonderful.

12 Jul, 2011


It's the scent I remember most

12 Jul, 2011


Yes Stroller I think the odd weather this year has definately taken its toll. But still well worth a visit.
I had Ballerina at a previous house. A lovely, cheerful addition to any garden. Infact might look for some space here, to put another!
Thank you all for reading the blog and your kind comments.Jx

12 Jul, 2011


What a fantastic selection, OH went for a job there many moons ago, but by the time we worked out how much it was going to cost us in petrol it was not worth it, we have several David Austin roses in our garden....

20 Jul, 2011


Oh which ones? I just love DA roses................. and a job there would be heaven, but I might have to set off before I went to bed to get there on time each day! Jx

25 Jul, 2011


I have 'generous gardener' and 'princess alexandra' which we bought from the david austin nursery.

25 Jul, 2011


Oh I have Princess A isn't she WONDERFUL. I can't remember what generous gardner looks like. Some of the roses in the DA garden were past their best and I have a feeling that was one. Have you a piccy of it you could post. I would love to see it. Jx

25 Jul, 2011


Oh and Nana D thank you for the generous comment! Jx

25 Jul, 2011


will see what i can find, generous gardener is a bit sprawly and its pink ~ similar colour to the princess alexandra ~ neither of them are my choice of colour at all but their scent was so lovely we got them.
princess alexandra is in a pot and is now quite a big round bush but i found that the first flowers are not very good, i sprayed them all, cut back the dead flowers and the new clutch of buds is looking much better, i have a feeling it did the same last year??

25 Jul, 2011


Ah will remember that. As mine is new from DA they may well already have done that this year, cos the flowers are quite sturdy. What did you spray it with and how far did you cut back. I ask as although I love roses, I'm a bit hopeless with them, and they can be very hit and miss. Jx

26 Jul, 2011


I dont suppose for one minute that I would be doing the right things, there will be better people on here for advice but the spray I used was in a yellow spray gun called ultimate bug killer.
I cut back a few inches down to the next possible place for it to grow back ~ just above a leaf.
I will put a picture on of generous gardener bud but none are out right now so have to wait a few days for it to open!

26 Jul, 2011

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