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Hello – just to share a few pics – streptocarpus are very rewarding to grow and are a favourite of mine.

I had a few and now I have quite a lot! they are quite easy to propagate. I use two methods for leaf cuttings – choose a healthy looking leaf and use half to half of compost and vermiculite make a small hole in your pot of compost water and then push in your cutting put a small cane in the pot and pop a plastic bag over should root in a few weeks

Another method for a leaf cutting is to take a sharp knife and cut the rib out of the leaf and take the two cuttings and put them face downwards into the cutting mix in a seed tray – water the trench sparingly and then put the seed tray cover into place my tray is in the kitchen at the moment because we are doing some work in the conservatory

Check on the cuttings daily

To grow species streptocarpus I find I have more success if I root them in water — see pic if you zoom in you can just see the roots growing time to repot

I hope this blog has been of interest to you – beware streps are quite addictive – the flowering season is mainly coming to an end – but the odd plant will flower on bravely

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good to gfet lovely free plants off another . Great job :)

24 Oct, 2023


Thanks, Jane! That's an interesting way of getting more, free, plants! I've never grown them in part because the big leaves need a lot of space - which I don't have!

24 Oct, 2023


I love these plants but only had any success with the species S. saxorum.
I was going to buy one last week when I saw it in a garden centre but I thought £15 was a bit much.

Thanks for the information on propagation, I will certainly try it when I get one.

25 Oct, 2023


I haven’t any Streps,but I do like them, as they flower for so long. I don’t have place to grow them, if I did, I would certainly give them a go & probably get addicted:-)

25 Oct, 2023


Lovely and interesting blog, Jane. You've a very pretty collection there. You must enjoy the prospect of gaining more lovely, new plants from your cuttings
Another plants that reminds me of a patient who passed, fond memories.
Oh, and yes, they found it very addictive too!

28 Oct, 2023

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