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November Notes


Winter Preparation – I have moved my pelargoniums into the top end of my greenhouse with my cacti – I have a heater in that end and if the weather is really frosty I shall put it on – I am telling you that because last year I didn’t put the heater on and I lost everything.

I have relocated also as much as I can into the utility and conservatory – it is really cold here in Shropshire this evening and there is a promise of snow for Christmas

I took a walk round the garden earlier and took the following pics

The holly tree is carrying a good crop of berries and weather permitting will be a show for Christmas – and the Camellia a dark pink will be in bloom

The Acidanthera is blooming on the rockery and has braved all the strong winds

I am not sure of the name of the cacti but it was in the greenhouse – I was surprised to see the yellow bud – and took in to the conservatory to keep it safe and it flowered

The small tot plant was my bargain of the week at the local garden centre

Streps continue to flower these are on the upstairs landing window sill !

Bye for now

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That's a beautiful holly, full of berries. Do you know which one it is, Jane? Amazing set of streps!

10 Nov, 2023


That’s a very unusual ‘cactus’, a lovely flower, I wonder if Hywel will know which one it is? Unusual wavy edges on the bloom stem. Beautiful Streps too & very attractive Holly.Ty for posting.

10 Nov, 2023


You are lucky to have your Holly so full of berries! I don't see many around here but the Firethorns are chock-a-block with berries.

Your Steps are amazing!

10 Nov, 2023


Gorgeous Holly, Jane! You've an abundance of berries and the variegated leaves are so attractive.
My one Camellia really struggles, I had a pink one, but it withered. Yours is going to be full of blooms!
Love the Acidanthera - giving me ideas for my rockery! Gorgeous little flower.
Your stress are so lovely, I imagine it's an addictive part of indoor gardening!!!

11 Nov, 2023


Nice to see berries on your Holly bush and the Streptocarpus are wonderful.

The cactus with wavy edges is called Disocactus anguliger, It has a common name but I can't remember it. I always go by the botanical names.

I've had one for years but it has never flowered :( Nice to see one on yours.

15 Nov, 2023


Thankyou all for your comments much appreciated
Ange I dont know what the holly name is I have had it a long time - and it flowers well each year - it has been pruned twice to keep it in shape

Feverfew you were right Hywel did know the cactus name !

Balcony what are Firethorns ?

Kate the Camellia is out I will post some pics

Hywel thanks for the cactus information I grew it from a cutting and I didn't expect a bloom yet

15 Nov, 2023


Oh, lovely!!! Looking forward to your pic(s)!

15 Nov, 2023


'Firethorns' are Pyracanthas!

15 Nov, 2023

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