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I have to stop!!!!!!!


By jangue


I was made redundant end of March and that is when I decided to make over my garden. The only problem is that you spend more money when you aren’t working – just when you can least afford it!

I am always finding reasons to get out in the garden or go shopping for garden ‘essentials’ (instead of job hunting). It’s a bit like buying a new dress and telling your husband that you’ve had it for ages. I come back from the nursery with half a dozen plants and have to plant them immediately and hide any evidence ie freshly spilt compost!

When he offers to water the garden I insist that I love doing it and tell him he doesnt do it properly – poor man

When he does notice something new, (I obviously can’t lie everytime!), he is usually pretty good about it – after all, he gets to look at all the (hopefully) lovely flowers

Am I really awful? – I do feel guilty but that seems to pass quite quickly and off I go again!

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It's addictive, isn't it, buying plants. When I first started, I didn't have any money, so was restricted to the odd plant when there was some spare cash. As things improved, I did buy more, but was then able to indulge totally my urge for new plants - I started doing other people's gardens! Means you can buy loads of plants and sell them on. Great!

22 May, 2009


I'm in the same boat - I was made redundant May 2008 and decided this was my opportunity to finally get to grips with my garden. I've been surprised by some of the prices in the garden centres and avoid them if possible but Morrisons and Wilkinsons do some good deals and of course you can always try seeds!
Good luck with the job hunting!

22 May, 2009


I was made redundant in 2007 and gave myself the luxury of a few mounths off before looking for something new. I did feel a bit guilty about spending money but pottering around in the garden really made a difference, its hard to go from working flat out to doing nothing. Its ok to indulge yourself at these times, im sure your hubby would rather you spent a few pounds on something that makes you happy and is there for a long time rather than a new expensive outfit that will be out of fashion within a season. Good luck with the job hunting

22 May, 2009


thanks for your comments - I do wonder where the days go and how I actually managed to fit work in! Not particularly looking forward to getting back into the rat-race again. Plenty to do at home and I never get bored. Still, it will give me more money to spend I suppose!

22 May, 2009


I know how you feel, i had to stop working 5 years ago (it can't be 5 can it...yep it is) due to ill health as i don't get out much i order on line, my post woman is always laughing when i open the door to her, more plants me dear!!! LOL Then i too plant them quickly before hubby sees them, not that he knows whats in the garden not interested in the slightest so he wouldnt notice a new plant or 2 or 3 or errrr 6 !

22 May, 2009


I used to smile kindly at OAPs who said they didn't know how they ever found time to go to work. Now that I am retired ( I do NOT recognise OAP!) I fully understand what they meant. I could not fit a five day week around all the important things I now have to do in the garden - and there are still weeds out there!

22 May, 2009


Im in the same boat although I had to give up my job in November when we moved to here, I have no money for me, no money for bills my hubby pays for eveerything. I am job hunting and more than willing to work may I add also.
BUT I am also quite cheeky in the fact that I recently used hubbys card to buy many many plants, and lots of pots too....

I cant help it, once I see something I have to have it. I think I must be related to the magpie (if thats the one)

x x x

22 May, 2009


Keep on digging, Jangue, and keep on with the job hunt in between. And mention gardening as a hobby in your interviews - you'd be amazed at how many people are keen gardeners themselves (as we see on GoY), and it might give you a connection point. Good luck!

27 May, 2009


thanks Elke - It has already been added it to my CV!

28 May, 2009

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