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The Ultimate weather forecaster


By jasonf


I know many of us do not have much time to do the gardening, and are constantly frustrated by substantial precipitation when a planned gardening job in forecasted sunshine is compromised.
Well, at last the chinese have come to our rescue.
Just go to:
Then select a : Select a sub-administration region, ie. county,
and then pick a town from the list they give you.

Those who have compromised eyesight, can save the picture, as in “save image as”, and then “zoom” to increase it’s size.
Apparently, it is extremely accurate, and always useful as a second opinion to your favourite site.

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Thank you Jason, I've bookmarked this site - will have a look over some time and see how it works out, accuracy-wise.

9 Jan, 2011


I've been trying it since last Christmas, and so far, I am pleased to report, it has been extremely accurate.

10 Jan, 2011


Thank you. I have found the forecast for the town 3 miles from where I live. It seems we are in for a lot of rain lol. I don't mind rain at all :o)
They had written the county name in English and Welsh aswell (but the Welsh one was back to front lol - never mind. It's better than not at all :o))

10 Jan, 2011


but you live in Wales, Hywel. What's the point in having a forecast? We all know it's going to be raining in Wales, after all, you have all those valleys, and they are certainly not for getting rid of all those tourists, surely?

10 Jan, 2011


They got rid of me! Oh, no, ... actually, ... it WAS the rain! ( ;-) Hywel)

10 Jan, 2011


Oh yes they are ;o)) lol

Sorry the rain washed you away beattie ...

10 Jan, 2011


hahaha - actually Hywel, the first time I went to Wales I had the good fortune of standing on the top of Tryfan, apparently the most beautiful mountain in Wales. Well, it certainly was, with wonderful clear blue skies and blazing sunshine.
I've been back another 5 times, and every single time it rained - HEAVILY!!!

10 Jan, 2011


I camped in the snow just below Tryfan 30+ years ago. My OH and I climbed it, coming down I slipped on some snow covered boulders and landed up head down in a gap between several large rocks, legs sticking up in the air. It was quite a struggle to get vertical - right way up - again, and OH was no help, laughing fit to bust! Memories :-)

I've been soaked so thoroughly in the Black Mountains - twice - that I've sworn a solemn vow never to go back there.

10 Jan, 2011


Next time come to Carmartehshire. The sun always shines in Carmarthenshire ;o)

11 Jan, 2011


Interestingly (and disappointingly) St.Helena shows 14 entries, but there are no records for any of the 3 sub-administrations. However, I am not surprised! :-)

21 Jan, 2011


Have just found this, and added it to favourites . . . thanks!

20 Mar, 2011


My pleasure, Sheilabub.

21 Mar, 2011


And Hywel - just to balance out the teasing - we had a lovely week on the Gower coast a few years ago, and had SUNSHINE EVERY DAY!! :)

21 Mar, 2011

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