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By jasonf


Hi all,
Well, it’s been a lovely day today, and I’ve spent the whole time pottering in the garden. One such activity, involves the removal of weeds, and what a delight that is!!!
Not just for the destruction of said enemies, but the discovery of plants, once placed and forgotten, as their herbaceous foliage died down last year.
One such plant I rediscovered today – I dug it up, placed it in a container, and moved it to a shady spot from which I am able to see it from my kitchen window.
And then I thought of all of you.
You really must give this plant a moment of your time. It is, without doubt, one of the most rewarding plants I have ever discovered, and when in flower, visitors will comment aghast at your floriferous display of deep lilac star shaped flowers with cream stamens, atop a 4 – 5 foot single pedestal, that may need occasional tying.
It no matter though. Your eyes will be transfixed by the beauty that such flowers could even exist in your garden.
It may look to be a tender exotic, but give it no mind, as winter’s wrath will find no easy target here.

So, my springtime gift to all of you, is:


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I grow this, it is a nice plant isnt it?

6 Apr, 2011


Yes .. pretty ... :o)

6 Apr, 2011


I adore Thalictrum Delavayi and this year I have grown some from seed. Just planted them out last week and hoping for some flowers later. They never flower here until about July though. Lovely!

6 Apr, 2011


Wow - from seed KS63 - I am impressed - it's going to be a wonderful display I think - let's hope they all come to fruition.

SBG - I checked your photo that Terratoonie kindly posted, and was immediately surprised - it's totally different to mine. In fact, I would hazard a guess that it is Hewitts Double, but that is very hazardous speculation.
Mine has single star shaped flowers, and doesn't develop into a corona like yours, if that indeed be the correct description.

Hey ho, another mystery to be solved.

8 Apr, 2011


it too was grown from seed by a friend. it was a sad casualty so i took it on the off chance it would survive. so no idea what it really is.

8 Apr, 2011


A casualty of what I wonder? From my understanding it likes full sun. What do I care about other people's understandings. I've always grown mine in dappled sunlight with surrounding Lamiums to keep in the moisture. It seemed to work, as last year the thing grew to over 6 foot, and it's not supposed to do that.
This year, it's already over one foot, and seems intent on becoming a beanstalk!!!
When it flowers, and it surely will with outstanding prolificness, I'll take a photo and post it, although I don't know with what - Derek's brother managed to drop my camera in the stream last year!!!

8 Apr, 2011


lol!....Jason! my thalictrums have always been happy in semi shade too. They are woodland edge plants I believe, so should be fine in most situations.

9 Apr, 2011


woodland edge? Oh, I didn't know that. Mind you, I know very little about gardening, other than what I have experienced myself, so for goodness sake, don't ever ask me about Cacti - I haven't got the faintest clue :)

10 Apr, 2011


No chance of that Jason, I don't like the prickly b*****s!!

10 Apr, 2011


I was taking a sip of my favourite tea ( earl grey ) when reading your last comment, and I have to report that as a result, I splurted half a cup full onto my pheasent pate sandwich.
I hadn't planned on soup, but as needs must . . . . . . .ugh!!!

11 Apr, 2011


Oh, dear, I have taken over from Derek in causing you mishaps! lol :))

11 Apr, 2011

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