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A tip for crocks


By jasonf


I expect many of you have your own ways, but smashing up terracota pots was never one of my favourite tasks for placing at the bottom of pots.
Last year I suddenly had a great idea.
Well, I’ve trialed it over winter and spring, and can now report a tremendous success.
Perhaps you would like to give it a try the next time you trot off to the supermarket.
Buy yourself a coconut.
The shell, smashed up, is perfect for placing at the bottom of a pot for drainage.
So, that’s my tip for 2013, and as an added bonus, you get to eat the contents of the shell, unlike an old terracota pot!!!!!!!

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Good idea. What else can we use ? Someone mentioned
polystyrene packaging cut into circles. Plants need good
drainage, particularly in plastic pots. I use old bath
sponges, and dish washing nylon sponges cut up.
The bits can always be thrown away if smelly, when re-potting.

16 Jun, 2013


Tips always welcome..I have used Polystyrene packaging for years,but just break it up into pieces,I don't bother cutting to shape . Great for pots with summer bedding,as they don't need a pot full of compost,so I fill them according to the plants root systems..saves on the compost..I also use the flat sheets of it in my plastic growhouse on all the shelves for the winter,..especially the top one,and put overwintering plants on the lower a bit more protection..also on the concrete base of my cold frame..some bought bedding plants also come in this ,so that is saved to reuse too...luckily,I have had quite a bit of packaging lately,so supplies are restocked :o)

16 Jun, 2013


I also use polystyrene broken into pieces or I cut up old plastic pots and lay them in the bottom. I agree with Bloomer, use them with summer bedding as it cuts down on the amount if compost you have to use in big pots. Good idea using old bath sponges though, I will borrow that one! I imagine that would cut down on watering too :)

16 Jun, 2013


I don't smash them up purposely but always keep the bits for that very purpose if one has an accident, I like to use polystyrene as its lighter in my bigger pots and troughs, they can be very heavy when planted up as we all know, never even thought about the coconuts, thats a good tip, I like to treat the birds occasionally so do have a couple of coconut halves hanging in the trees....
The coconut halves make good containers for homemade fat blocks for the birds as well......

16 Jun, 2013


Thanks everyone. Will search for polystyrene sheets.

16 Jun, 2013


I use stones, gets rid of them, fills a space and helps stop the pots blowing over as they can do in our windy spot.

16 Jun, 2013


Yes, polystyrene for the larger pots that are heavy enough not to be blown over, stones for the medium sized that could blow over and newspaper made into inner sleeves for young plants in small pots making it easier to pot on.

17 Jun, 2013

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