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I am back !!


Hi everyone I have been away so long I have almost forgtten what to do here !
Its January 19th and every where is covered with snow ,it started yesterday lunch time and hardly stopped until nightful ,we had a funeral to go to a neighbour in our culdiesack (spelling?) he was 91 he had had a good life but will still miss him as he really loved his garden and had a wonderful show of roses in his front garden ,that were his pride and joy .
So at the moment all the gardens that i can see from my window all look the same ,covered in snow .
I haven’t been out as its very slippy ,I have osteoporis and a month ago just before christmas broke my left wrist quite badly ,I had had a lovely day up until then ,had been 10pin bowling in the morning then to the pantomine with my daughter and grandaughters ,when i got home Pete my husband had cleaned the carpet in the sitting room and although it felt dry it couldn’t have been I put on my slippers that had a rubber soles and went from the carpet into the hall which has a hard floor and slipped and broke my wrist ! it wasn’t a case of I wonder if I have broken it, as it was such an odd shape so it was off to the hospital sharpish ,when i got there they were all very kind to me , Had to be put out to have it pulled back into the right place then told to go home and come back next day for an operation to have a plate put in by the top surgeon there ,so theres my story I have a pink and blue plaster cast on at the moment and am getting used to sleeping with it above my head on the pillow .
One Doctor at the hospital told my husband that I had broken 7bones and it was like a jig saw puzzel !!!
I certainly shouldn’t grumble as there is so many people alot worse off than me .
Wishing every opne here a very happy Healthy New Year
Best wishes Jeansusan

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Welcome back JS ouch thats nasty .

Snow here too be careful if you have to go out.

19 Jan, 2013


I thought you were going to say you`d fallen outside, it sounds quite nasty Jean, you take care.......

19 Jan, 2013


Thats what I did. Know just how you feel.
Its cul-de-sac by the way.

19 Jan, 2013


Thank you everyone and thanks for the spelling Diane

19 Jan, 2013


A 90 year old friend after being persuaded by her family to get a walking stick, fell over the stick (!) and broke her wrist. It's taking its time to heal and, as she said, you really miss a hand "when it isn't there"!

Seriously, Jeansusan, mind how you go!

19 Jan, 2013


sorry to hear you are in the wars. but glad you are getting around ok. all the best for 2013.

19 Jan, 2013


Welcome back JS. I have only recently come back on after about a year off. Sorry about your wrist, I broke mine indoors, fell over a low cupboard door, and that's when they found out I had early symptoms of Osteo. I didn't have to have a plate in, but I was still working as a florist and had to make a wedding bouquet with my wrist in plaster. So painful, so I do sympathise, do be careful.

19 Jan, 2013


Thank you Pam, Seaburngirl ,and Eirls for your kind comments ,Pam are you on medication for the osteopois ? I am something called strontium ranelate ...

19 Jan, 2013


Oh poor you! And you've brought back memories of attempting to shower with one arm sellotaped into a plastic bag; trying to pull tights on; silently cursing at other commuters who had tunnel vision for their own agendas while moving dangerously close to my obviously plastered arm! Hope things go well for you. :o)

20 Jan, 2013


I'm on Alendronic Acid tabs. JS. I have to take one a week with no food or drink apart from water half an hour before & after, the tab. and remain in an upright position. lol :o)) :o))

21 Jan, 2013


I tried that same medication Pam and it upset my stomach so much ,I had to try something else ,hope what i am taking is helping my bones ,I have to have another bone density scan when i get the plaster cast off ,best wishes x

21 Jan, 2013

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