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Long lost family


Sorry, I have not really been around this summer, popped my head in now and again but life has been so busy, not even done much in the garden this year, weather not helping šŸ˜.

Just after I wrote my last blog about adding yet another dog to our family, life became mad. It started with a message coming through our works Facebook page. It was from a young women from Australia called Shelly. She wanted to know if she had found the right person as she was looking for her mother’s, Irene, biological family. Yes, she had found the right person and hubby, Tim is her brother. Irene was born at the start of the 50s and Marjorie, their mum wasn’t married and so, as what was so normal in those days, she was made to give up her baby. Irene’s adoptive family moved to Australia when she was 17 yrs old. Tim knew he had an older sister out there somewhere since he was 21. Unfortunately it turns out that Irene has terminal cancer which had made her decide to try and find her biological family. So this has been a very intense bitter sweet journey for both Tim and Irene as well as her daughters with a lot of time spent by us all in trying to get to know each other as quickly as possible and fill in as much family information that we can.

My puppy is also no longer a puppy being now 9 months old. You may remember that we named him Ringo, after the outlaw gunfighter Ringo Kid. Well, he has lived up to his name and we now fondly call him Ringo Rat, šŸ˜‚. He has sure been a handful. Months of him trying to eat everything in the garden, plants, grass and every small pebble he could find. He is already taller then the other 2 and vet says he will end up a very big dog. Oh joy šŸ˜. This is him with the other 2.

Right now as I write this he is howling lol. I live on a busy main road so get a few ambulances and police cars going pass which he likes to howl along too. Does the same when any of them are on the telly as well.
With needing eyes in the back of my head with Ringo, is another reason I haven’t done much in the garden. Any plant is fair game to him. He grabs at them with his mouth as he runs around the garden like a lunatic that I decided that this year I had better try and calm him down before buying anything new for the garden. We are slowly getting there (I hope) šŸ˜‚

One of the things I did manage to do was re seed part of my back lawn after all the damage from the dogs. Tim came up with what I thought a really good idea. Once I had shown the seed, I then put heavy duty clear plastic with holes all poked in over it till it really had started to grow. Kepts the dogs off and stopped them killing it off by peeing on it. Really worked well and lawn is the best I’ve seen it since I moved here.

Another bit of news I have is those neighbours that I had all that trouble with have moved!!!šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜. They left about 3 weeks ago. I have yet to meet the new ones as they are out at work and I haven’t seen them yet. I did go around there to introduce myself but didn’t get anyone answer. Just out of curiosity, do neighbours introduce themselves now days?

Thought I had better finish this blog with a few photos of the garden as it is supposed to be a gardening site lol. I hope you all are well and hope you got through my newsy blog šŸ˜

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Jen its so nice to hear from you again, with the best news ever re your neighbours! If you're ambivalent about calling round why not pop a note through their door?

That is amazing news about the family.What a good thing you were able to get in touch when you did - its a sad start to a new relationship isn't it?

The photo of the front of the house is beautiful - lets hope you now have peace to enjoy it (if the dogs let you...)
Its good to see that the delphiniums at least have survived the canine attentions so far! Best of luck with that.
Keep in touch now!

14 Aug, 2019


Well Jen, what a story! Iā€™m glad you put the photos on. Your garden looks great! Now you are the noisy neighbour with a howling dog!! Lol.....good luck with the new neighbours, Iā€™m pleased for you. X

15 Aug, 2019


Hi Sue, thanks for the welcome back lol. I can't tell anyone the relief of them moving lol. The 3 of us that bordered onto their property are over the moon. The poor land owner to the bottom of their garden had even more trouble with them then us. They had done the same thing with CCTV CAMERAS to him but had also called the police on him as he had tried to talk things through. Said he was harassing them. The new ones, I get the impression want to keep themselves to them themselves. They close their drive gates as soon as they get home which can only be opened from the inside. Which is ok lol. I just thought I would introduce myself for politeness šŸ˜€.

Our new Australian family have kept us very busy, unfortunately we lost Marjorie 6 years ago so it's been up to Tim and me to try and fill in all the information as Irene's adoptive parents had destroyed all the adoption paperwork when she was young. I have even joined Facebook so my Australian nieces can private message me to take some of the pressure from Tim as we are busier then even workwise. As you say, it ie a sad start but at least we can answer some of her questions about their parents as Marjorie after giving up Irene went on to married Geogre, their father.

Thank you, been really please with the Delphiniums. I grew them from seed last year and most of them survived the winter. Did have a lot more but the RAT lol pulled up a lot of them. Grew some dwarf Dahlias from seeds this year but gave up on trying anything else as everytime I had my back turn, Ringo was pulling them out of the pots. So other then a few tomatoes in the greenhouse, no home grown veg for us šŸ˜‚.

15 Aug, 2019


Hi Karen, did make me laugh. I've never had a dog that howls before. Luckily it only seems that police and ambulance sirens right outside the house or on TV set him off lol. Also up the road a bit about half mile away has had new people move in. They have started a dog kennel and training business so there is a lot of dogs barking from there so hopefully mine won't upset the new neighbours as they hardly ever bark, fingers cross šŸ˜. Boy had I forgotten how much hard work a young dog is lol and what a toll it can be on the garden lol. Thank you, I still strive to put more colour in the garden but this year, thanks to the Rat, have just resolved to keep it tidy lol, there is always next year šŸ˜

15 Aug, 2019


What adorable dogs, but your story about how boisterous they are makes me more convinced that we don't need a dog! We have birds (wild and tame) that eat the plants as it is. Glad to hear that you have new neighbours, you can only feel sorry for the people that they have moved next to now! I usually introduce myself to a new neighbour, not that it happens very often, but I think they might like to know that they have friendly neighbours, without being the nosy kind.
We have a new neighbour who is lovely and we have been able to lend things and advise on workmen when he has asked. Also he has two rescue dogs who are really friendly, so any time I need to pat or play with the dogs, there they are without me having to keep one!!!
Sad story about the family, but also a happy one too, so much catching up to do, no wonder you have been busy.

15 Aug, 2019


Thank you Honeysuckle, I wouldn't be without them even with the stress on my garden lol. Luckily they do calm down as they get older. The old neighbours from what I heard from the pet shop in town have moved up to Lossiemouth in Scotland. He is in the RAF and have moved onto the base up there but plan to buy, so hopefully they will do what they told me before all the nastiness started and buy something very rural and not upset anyone. It is so nice when you have nice neighbours. I worked it out, over the year I have owned 6 houses and always got on very well with my neighbours till this last lot. I did try and introduce myself to the new lot but even though the car was on the drive and back car door was open, I could get any answer by knocking on the house door. Shame as it would be nice to be able to say good morning now and again, I have the feeling that they want to keep themselves to themselves. It has been very busy with the new Australian family. Lots of catching up and lots of updates on medical appointments and tests. Time difference doesn't help either. Things are just starting to calm down a little so what with Ringo getting that little bit better with not trying to eat everything I had hoped to turn my attention back to the garden but weather has a different idea lol. Love that you get your dog "fix" from next door šŸ˜€

16 Aug, 2019


No wonder you have been busy this summer. A bitter sweet connection though to your new Australian family. I have to say your garden looks really good with or without a lot of care. The weather has been so different from last year.
The dogs look as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouthes.

16 Aug, 2019


Thank you Linda. I think as none of us know how much time we have to answer all their question it was very mad for a while. We did a lot of video calls which Tim found very hard as he is partly deaf and connection wasn't always very good. Hasn't the weather been so different. So wet this month. Lots of wet dogs days lol. The older 2 dogs are pretty good but youngest is hard work bless him. Found him trying to eat one of my door frames today. If I can't see him, I don't trust him šŸ˜‚.

16 Aug, 2019


Beautiful home. I love dogs. I had an Australian Shepherd and he was like a son to me. So smart,so intelligent. We went everywhere together - even my job.
You are so lucky to have bad neighbors move. What a misery they can be. They mind my business more than their own in past times.
That great sunroom isn't filled with tropical plants???..ha.

18 Aug, 2019


Thank you Stan. I wouldn't be without my boys (dogs šŸ˜€) even if they do take a toll on the garden when young. We are lucky that we work from home, building next to the house is our workshop so they are with us always.

Lol, I'm not very good with house plants plus Ringo the Rat would only try and eat them šŸ¤£. I do fill it up in February and March with seed trays but this year, a lot of them Ringo pulled up. How are your cats doing. I dare say they are pretty big now.

19 Aug, 2019


Jen I just had a thought re your new neighbours - do you suppose the old ones warned them about the folk next door and at the bottom of the garden?

19 Aug, 2019


Sue, Lol, we had thought that but if someone told me neighbours where horrible, it would put me off buying the house. So far, touch wood, things have been so much nicer. Think we will just leave things as are and am sure at some stage they will come and talk to us re side of their house is the boundary
And pointing and mortar all come out and tiles on their roof are all cracked and slipping off. They will need access.

19 Aug, 2019


Cats are ok. Not near the level of a working ( intelligent!) dogs. Not in the same universe.
Cats only get affectionate..well, like last night I thought the older cat really liked me scratching her chin,all the fur shining,she kept nudging me. So I thought of course she really missed me all day...After like 10 minutes of scratch and dawned on me to ask her "Are you hungry?"..she jumps off me and I go over to the fridge and give her some leftover chicken in a bowl in our room. She eats the chicken and as soon as she's done? She's gone! right back outside..Like she said "See ya later pal."
Now a dog eats food you give them,and then they love you to pieces afterwards!
Oh well,my cats were semi feral and at least they are petable and treated to not make more cats. I keep them defleed also. But,no more after them!

21 Aug, 2019


Stan, lol. Very true about cats. My old cat was very loving but the dogs are different. Hubby and my daughter joke they can always find me by finding the dogs.

21 Aug, 2019


But dogs need walking in all weathers and their droppings need picking up . When I've walked dogs for friends or we looked after them for a couple of weeks I just hated doing that in all weathers and carrying the smelly things for ages. And one big long haired German Shepherd we had for a fortnight would go straight in the pond so we couldn't let it out in the garden on it own. I do love dogs as long as they are other peoples and I get on well with them. But a dog in the house takes over your life whereas a cat just quietly lives with you and organises its own walkies. It curls upon your knee and keeps you warm and its soft purring relaxes you.. (and our last cat killed and ate three young rats and removed the moles in the lawn too)

28 Aug, 2019


Lol Sue. My old cat would only sit on my knee while digging her claws into my leg šŸ¤£. I suppose with a dog, you have to get up and yes even out when it's grotty outside. things have had a bit of a turn for the worse over in Australia this last couple of weeks and cancer now in her brain as well so there have been a few stressful days waiting for updates of scans and what treatment is to follow that the dogs have made us get moving as they need looking after even when you don't want to.

2 Sep, 2019

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