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What is the best (cheap) Lawn roller?


Hi everyone, sorry I know it has been such a long time since I have been on here.

I’m sure it has for many been a very eventful 12 months or so. Don’t know if any of you remember that 2 years ago we got ourselves a puppy which we called Ringo. Well he has proved to be a total handful and taken up a lot of my time. Trying to train him. Then at the start of the 1st lockdown we found out that our oldest dog Ben had terminal ca cancer. Lost him in the May.

In between trying to sort Ringo I did potter in the garden and just about kept it under control. Then in November, of all things I had a stroke! Came totally out of the blue and we all were in shock as I’m only 54. I’ve been lucky that my recovery has been really good. Only have a bit of a funny walk on my left side and get very tired quickly.

The stroke did mean that none of the leaves on my lawn got raked up. Also due to the stroke I couldn’t walk my dogs. Bless my daughter, she came over every morning before work to get them out but they haven’t been having the long walks they were used to so have been tiring around the garden like lunatics doing even more damage to the lawn. It is now a dreadful state. More uneven mud then lawn.

I’m hoping to try and re seed it this spring but need to flatten it out a bit 1st lol. Tim keeps saying we need a old lawn roller but I can’t find any at a reasonable price. I’ve seen ones on Amazon but Tim isn’t convinced but I think they have got to be better then nothing. Can anyone recommend one?

Cant post any photos as that part of this site doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. Sorry also if any spelling mistakes, I still get a bit of brain fog from the stroke.
Jen x

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Hi, I can't help you with the lawn roller but just wanted to wish you all the best with your recovery from the stroke. It must have been so hard for you and I am sorry you lost your dog. What kind of dog is Ringo?
I also have been away from this site, last time I wrote a blog was when I had moved house with my son and our Golden Retriever. I could only plant dog friendly shrubs and plants as she never lost the habit of eating anything she felt like in the garden. I lost my 13 year and 9 months Golden Retriever just before Christmas.
I totally understand how hard a new puppy can be. I am not able to commit to getting another dog yet so I am adding plants that I couldn't before.
Hope you manage to find a roller

28 Feb, 2021


Hello Jen, I’m unable to help with your query also. I just wanted to say I do hope you are on the road to recovery as Zamaureen mentioned before.
You’ve obviously been through an absolutely horrific time in your life, with your health and losing your beloved dog, Ringo too. You never need to apologise for anything, you’ve suffered terribly with one thing and another.
I do think someone may come to your aid on here regarding a lawn roller.
Please take care, sending best wishes to you and your family.
Kate x

28 Feb, 2021


Thank you Zammaureen. I am so sorry about your Golden Retriever. They are so much part of the family.
Ringo is a German shepherd. Now 2 yrs old now and at 47kgs so a big dog to handle and full of trouble. I also have Shadow who also is a German shepherd and 5 1/2. Between the 2 of them, my lawn this winter has become history. Luckily though neither eat the plants.

For some reason I can no longer see any of the photos on here.

28 Feb, 2021


Thank you Kate123. I have been so lucky. My stroke could have been so much worse.

Thank you also about Ben. He was such a gentle boy. Ringo has been a handful. He has fear aggression and takes a lot of handling. It's mainly him who has torn up my lawn lol. X

28 Feb, 2021


Hi Jen, lovely to hear from you again, and yes, I certainly do remember you getting Ringo!! Sorry to hear he's a bit of a naughty lad, and so sad to read that Ben has passed on.

Having a stroke has obviously been a huge shock for you, but well done on making a good recovery and sounding very positive.

I read your request for a lawn roller to my H who suggests contacting any local cricket clubs as they almost always have a lawn roller and may be willing to offer you the use of it for a donation to the club.

Another idea is to hire one for a day from a local tool hire company as they may deliver and collect it.

I hope your new neighbours turned out to be good ones and that the business is going well for you. Take care of yourself . . . :o) x

28 Feb, 2021


Hello Shirley,
hope you all well. Yes Ringo has and is a handful. Turned into a big dog. Lockdown hasn't helped as he didn't get to socialise so is reactive with people. Makes it hard work but we have been trying to train it out of him.

Still cant answer anything about the neighbours. They haven't spoken to anyone around here and keep to themselves. At least that is so much better then the last lot lol.
The stroke was a bit of a shock. Was so lucky it was mild. Knocked me off my feet for a few months but getting there.

Tell your OH he is a genius. Will see if local cricket club will allow me to use theirs.

Jen x

28 Feb, 2021


Hi Jen lovely to hear from you, sorry to hear about your stroke and glad you are much better. Sorry to hear about your dog also. We had a puppy last year, shih Tzu Jack Russell cross from my sister, first dog we have owned as a family I am the same age as you this year, Ollie is a bit of a rascal but we love him to bits, I do often say who's idea was this to have a dog haha, at first in the garden he did eat one of my plants but seemed to have settled a bit now, lawn has suffered a little bit in one area, good luck with the roller, :-)))

1 Mar, 2021


Hmm, not sure I will tell him he's a genius!!!!

I hope you have some success with finding a roller.

1 Mar, 2021


Hi Daylily,
Ollie sound lovely. Tim always said that Jack Russells are one of his favourite dogs. Wish I could say the same about Ringo. Tim and I have had dogs (mainly German Shepherds) most our lives and Ringo is the hardest to train out of all of them. Doesn't help that he made the other 2 look like miniatures at 47kgs and very tall. Poor Shadow aged 5 is only 32kgs. Being still young, he does everything at a run and then skids to a stop so the lawn is now more uneven mud then anything. We also had moles again this autumn so if I manage to reseed it but don't roller it 1st, it will be so hard for Tim to mow.

Thank you about the stroke. Was a bit of a shock but at least it showed up I have a problem with my heart that never knew about and probably had since birth and they can keep an eye on it now. X

1 Mar, 2021


Welcome back Jen, gosh you have been in the wars, wondered where you had gone, you had an angel caring for you and that's a fact, as you said it showed up your heart prob so now they'll keep a check on you...
Sorry to hear you lost Ben, we lost our lad Brynner last autumn, he did well though as he was 11yrs 3mths, that is good for a Flatcoat, miss him so much, still have Harriet, daughters westie and Pepper who I adopted 15mths ago when we lost my sister, so I feel your pain as regards the lawns, they race around the garden like little demons so I have tracks, however they don't break plants as they don't go onto the garden...I bought one off Amazon last year as the lawn was in such a mess, its only a cheap one that can be filled up with water or sand, I used sand as figured it wouldn't rust away so quickly, plus I figured the water might leak from the stopper, its perfect for what I needed, ironically we do have a concrete roller hidden away in the garden, it was here when we move in 48yrs ago, unfortunately the handle broke and to buy a new one or have it made worked out dearer than buying new one.....
Recently many of us have had problems with photo's, I now use Firefox for Goy, was having no problems seeing pics on any other site, all is okay for now....

1 Mar, 2021


Hi Lincslass,

Oh I am so sorry about Brynne. I remember the photos you used to post. He was just a lovely looking boy. Also remember Harriet when you got her.

I was very lucky with my stroke in so many ways, when I was in hospital, the women 2 beds away tested positive for covid that when I was discharged I had to self isolate for 2 weeks but luckily didn't come down with it.

The ones on Amazon were the ones I was looking at. Tim not convinced lol but I thought maybe would do the job. Just to pacify Tim I will ask local cricket club but will probably get one from there. X

1 Mar, 2021


Hi Jen,
Its good to hear from you again and especially good that you now have peaceful neighbours! You had a fortunate miss with Covid in hospital! What a shock the stroke must have been - very good news that you have come out of it reasonably sound and at least the heart problem can be kept an eye on now you know about it. Wil you be showing us a photo of Ringo before too long?

1 Mar, 2021


Hi Yorkslass

Thank you so much. Would love to post pictures of Ringo and Shadow and the damage they (mainly Ringo rat 😂) have done but at the moment I can't see or post any photos. Lincslass has suggest usi Firefox. Going to look I to that 😁 x

1 Mar, 2021


Well I've been using Firefox for many years and never had any problems with photos. Quite a few people on here have changed over to it and had their problems solved too, which is encouraging, so it must be worth a try.

1 Mar, 2021


I have just worked out who you are Yorkslass lol. Have now downloaded firefox so have done a blog with photos now lol.

2 Mar, 2021


Hi Jen, wow I couldn't cope with a big dog he sounds huge, my sister has weimeraners, our little Ollie is just right for us 😊

6 Mar, 2021


Hi Daylily. Lol. He is big even for a German Shepherd. In the summer we got rushed by an off lead Jack Russel aggressively with owner nowhere in sight. Both mine where on lead but reacted back. Grass was wet and I got pulled off my feet and dragged alone the ground. Luckily my daughter was there and helped me to then hold on till the other dogs owner turned up. I did brake a finger on the leads and was black and blue after. Ìts things like that why garden took a back step and I've been spending so much time trying to train him. He is a big softy at home.

7 Mar, 2021


Oh my goodness that sounds awful, our Ollie is very barky when we take him out it is a bit worrying, but we don't let him off the lead.:-)

9 Mar, 2021


I'm always wary of Jack Russells, my Brynner who was a big dog but very sweet natured was also petrified of them, some live at the back of our garden and I'm sure if they could get into our garden they would kill ours, they are such an aggressive dog, the only time I've ever been attacked by a dog was my sister-in-laws , it might sound terrible but my hubby had to literally use his feet to get the devil to let go of me, following day it attacked her own son, the vet refused to allow them to take it back home, said it had done it too many times and was dangerous.....

9 Mar, 2021


Daylily, unfortunately not everyone is a responsible owner. This guy had no control yet let his dogs off lead while walking along the road without being able to see who was in the ruby club. Locals don't normally use the club on Thursday as it's when all the teams have their practice and too many balls flying around. My daughter plays for a women's team and they had suggested I bring the dogs as never normally any other dogs and while they practiced I walked the boys around to get them used to people. In the 3nd, it was the team who caught the dog as owner couldn't while my daughter helped me hold the boys.

Lincslass, that is scary and scared at same time. Understand vets concerns. Had a friend have to do the same with her Collie years ago. Jack Russell are working dogs and even though they are small, they have no fear. I have just bought and training Ringo to use a muzzle for his own safety as well as others. I don't like 5hem but would rather be safe then sorry when taking him out. X

9 Mar, 2021

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