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My poor lawn now is pictures thanks to Lincslass 😁


Thanks to Lincslass I now can see your photos and also post my own.
So can show you all the damage from the boys (dogs).

1st the guilty pair, Ringo on the left and Shadow on the right.

I think you will agree Ringo has change a fair bit from when I lasted put a photo on here. He has totally change in colour.

And now for my poor Lawns if you can call it that 😁.

1st some of the back Lawn

When the back lawn got so bad and I couldn’t cope with all the mud they were bringing into the house everytime they were let out for the loo, we then started putting them out the front so that too got destroyed. At the time, my balance was still really bad from the stroke as my left side wasn’t still working very well. Thank God it’s more or less all back so can start, I hope to rescue the lawn 😁
The front lawn

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Jen they are both so handsome, and certainly big lads , they need to play and get their exercise don't they, the joys of sharing your garden with them is not being able to have a bowling green type lawn, mine was like a paddy field this time last year, the water was running down the garden , much worse than yours but through the summer it grew back, I have tracks again now where the girls run and they are very speedy, plus Harriet has to scrape her paws every time she has been to the loo, I sit and watch my grass flying through the air, lol, I know about the mud, ours are always let out through our patio doors, so we've lived for the last two winters with old blankets and duvet covers laid over the carpet, lot easier to keep washing those than having a very dirty carpet that constantly needed cleaning., little beggars flatly refuse to go out from the kitchen door and won't use the little garden off our yard for ablutions, plus there are four doors to open to go that way, tried educating both Derek and Sherryl to send them that way, trying to save my lawns without success...GRRRR !!!!
Lovely photographs Jen..

2 Mar, 2021


Thank you. I know what you mean about grass flying in the air lol Lincslass. This is the worse my lawn has ever looked. Shadow is not too bad but as said, Ringo has to do everything at 100 miles hr. Mostly he stays off the flower beds now but as been known when chasing the baby rabbits we had in the garden last spring if I hadn't spotted them before I let him out so smash through them chasing the rabbit. Thankfully he didn't catch it lol.

2 Mar, 2021


Such beautiful dogs, what lovely photos of them.

Our lawn has been muddier than ever this winter, so soggy and slippery.

4 Mar, 2021


Hi wildrose, thank you. They are my double trouble lol, but wouldn't be without them. It has been such a wet winter hasn't it. Shropshire has had quite a lot of flooding. With it being so wet, think it was easier for the boys to make a mud pool out there lol.

5 Mar, 2021


Lovely boys! Sorry I missed your blog, Jen! Although you’re upset my the sight of your lawn...just think, your boys are probably having great fun!

12 Mar, 2021


Thank you Kate. The boys enjoyed tiring up the garden but I'm not enjoying the mud they now bring In when it rains lol. The roller arrived today so hopefully can soon start to repair it 😁

12 Mar, 2021

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