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The saga of the lawn roller πŸ˜‚


Some of you may know I was looking for a lawn roller. Hubby and I just couldn’t agree. I was happy to buy one off of Amazon but no, he didn’t think they would be man enough for the job. I had phoned the local cricket club and they wasn’t interested in “renting” theirs so this lunchtime I was yet again looking online, trying to find one he would approve of.
Then our works phone rung. It was one of our regular customers confirming his appointment for Friday afternoon. We are still allowed to see farmers, game keepers and pest control (don’t want you thinking we are breaking lockdown 😁). Said to him about will get back to looking for a roller and said how hubby and I couldn’t agree when Mike (customer) told me he had one, didn’t use it anymore and I can have it. Will bring it on Friday. What a result πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ. Sent me a photo to show hubby who then said it was exactly what he wanted. Marriage saved as I won’t have to divorce him over being stubborn over a garden roller πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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I expect some marriages have failed for less, Jen! Glad you've got it resolved with a satisfactory outcome to please you both...

8 Mar, 2021


Unfortunately Anget, I think you are right.
I was getting so fed up with him rejecting all the ones I showed him. "No, not heavy enough, no not wide enough". Lol, was getting ready to brain him with one πŸ˜‚. Was worried that lawn wouldn't get done this year but hopefully all is saved now, can level the lawn and then re seed it. 😁

8 Mar, 2021


result all round then.

8 Mar, 2021


Good news, Jen! I enjoyed reading your blog today!
I’m pleased you managed to get one, it’ll be good to get the lawn sorted now. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

8 Mar, 2021


Glad that's sorted for you Jen, my hubby was the same last year when I asked him to put a new handle on our old concrete one, for instance...reasons why I wanted one, didn't know how to put new handle on it and then, it will cost more to get the stuff to fix it than buy a new one, I will probably use it twice a year at the most, that was when I got mine off Amazon...DUH !!!

9 Mar, 2021


That's good, funny enough we used to have one and used it here at this house but got rid of it years ago :-))

9 Mar, 2021


Brilliant Jen . . . so pleased you have a lawn roller now . . . some folk are very generous aren't they?

9 Mar, 2021


Thank you everyone. Was so lucky talking to the right person at the right time. And the good news is I can stop looking at them on line 😁.

Daylily, did make me laugh, hubby kept saying he used to have one but lost it in one of his moves before met me saying how frustrating it was.

Lincslass, I think they come in handy for us dog owners more lol. Hubby found some on Ebay but all said collection only for the old ones that he wanted. Said he wasn't putting them in his car and my car wouldn't take it so felt I was banging my head against a wall 😁.

You are so right Shirley. Mike has said maybe hubby can do some work in exchange but we don't mind as seems only fair😁.

9 Mar, 2021

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