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Planting Lavender


I have a bed that is south facing in front of our workshop. It did have Phygelius growing in there planted by the previous owners of the house. Trouble was it was too much of a thug for there, roots even growing through the wall render, inbetween the paths, in some places lifting the path. Last year I started to dig it out and finally finished yesterday. The bed is fairly dry and free draining.
One end I’ve planted a climbing rose called Gloriana last year which is doing really well and am thinking of planting lavender Hidcote in there. I’ve never grown lavender before so any tips would be gratefully received. As the bed is fairly shallow in depth, we wanted something that wouldn’t mug our customers as they walked past like the Phygelius did.
Since it was covered for years in Phygelius, should I add anything to the soil before putting in the Lavender but have read that Lavender like poor soil.
I will admit that I’ve never really been a fan of Garden Gnomes lol, but my daughter bought this a couple of years ago for a laugh for hubby and considering what we do for a living, hubby made it’s home, on the windowsill for all to see.

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Hi Jen, lavender will be happy in there and they are not keen on rich soil. I'd be tempted to leave it alone.

I love the gnome as you say very fitting considering the business.

5 Apr, 2021


Haha, it would frighten me off ! Still I guess your customers would not feel in the least threatened, lol.
Lavender will look nice with the rose - they go together well don't they? It doesn't grow well here at all, I don't know why, so plant one for me up there please!

5 Apr, 2021


Thank you Seaburngirl. Got my fingers crossed with the lavender. Ha ha, gnome not my choice but does make me smile.

5 Apr, 2021


Thank you Yorkslass, got my fingers crossed it will grow for me. There was one in my last garden with I 1st moved in with hubby, at the time, hubby used to have a gardener. He pruned it too far back and killed it. Hopefully I will have better luck. Ha, ha, customers find the gnome funny

5 Apr, 2021


Yes, the lavender should look good there. We had a lavender hedge at the front garden until last Autumn (there's a blog on it somewhere), but I made the error of buying a pack of an unnamed variety which grew far too big for the space, flopped everywhere and had to be removed. But for 4 years the bees loved it and the scent was wonderful so it would make a pleasant welcome to your visitors. It was in rough old soil, too.

6 Apr, 2021


Anger, hopefully these won't get too tall, that if I manage to grow them and don't kill them ha ha.

6 Apr, 2021


Have to grew, lavender will look so very pretty along here, Jen! I love it! It’s so easy to look after - doesn’t need much care at all, smells divine and it’s fab for the wildlife! What’s not to like!!!
They do prefer a sunnier spot and do happily in rubbishy (poor) soil and excel in very good drainage sites.

7 Apr, 2021


Anget, sorry just notice auto correct strikes again and changed your name to Anger, oops, sorry.

8 Apr, 2021


Thank you Kate, it was you talking about lavender that made me thing about putting it there. Doesn't look in photos but that is a really sunny bed and gets very dry in summer due to sandy soil so fingers crossed it does well in there. 😀

8 Apr, 2021


Klahanie, thank you. I live in a Victorian cottage so wanted to make my garden more of a cottage garden feel to it. The Rose is a deep fuchsia pink so hopefully the lavender will look good next to it.

8 Apr, 2021


🤞keeping everything crossed.

8 Apr, 2021

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