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Been over doing things lately, gardening all weekend and then housework yesterday and then the grocery shopping today that I’m under orders by hubby to have a rest so thought I would show you the new plants I got for the front garden.
On the garden wall, house and workshop I have 10 wall pots. Over the last few years I’ve tried different plants in them but last year I put bedding begonia and they lasted the best so am doing the same this year. Bonus is that they had them in Morrison’s the other week with buy one, get one free so got 24 pink begonias for just £6.

I had ordered 5 Lavender which arrived 2 weeks ago to go In the bed under the workshop window next to my climbing patio rose Gloriana

Then to start planting up the corner bed by the wall, hubby ordered me a Choisya Sundance. He has also ordered 3 more plants but they have to arrive yet.

For some reason my Erysimmum Bowles Mauve died so ordered a replacement. While looking at that a Heuchera Forever Purple caught my eye and it somehow ended up in the shopping basket haha. They arrived on Sunday after 2 so called failed attempts by DPD Local. 1st time they said that no one was home which is funny considering we work from home and the dogs bark everytime someone comes to the house. Then sent me a photo of a house that is not even on my road! 2nd attempt they said they couldn’t find my house even though we live on a A main road with only 9 house spread out on 2 roads. I sent them an idiot guide to my house and finally got them on Sunday. One of the problems with ordering online.

Also last week 6 Begonia Million kisses plug plants arrived. Finally today while out I popped into B&M and brought a un named Heuchera as I like the colour Haha.

Think i will be busy soon planting them all out. 😁

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You've got to love B & M and Morries for affordable bedding, haven't you? Your lavenders look smashing and will reward you over the summer. I think 'Bowles Mauve' is short-lived. In fact in our garden all Erysimums are, so I take cuttings. This year I have had to take out all of ours so I'm in two minds about getting any more, but we do love the scent.
Deliveries are always a concern. I've had late ones recently too. When you consider how much postage costs, you'd think they'd be more reliable but I suppose it's not been easy this year with all the extra online ordering thats gone on.
I hope you will take your OH's advice and take it easy as necessary. When the weather is fine it's very easy to be tempted to overdo it! And your front garden looks lovely and very cared-for.

27 Apr, 2021


yes B&M and Morribobs are excellent value.
you have made some lovely choices. Every year I take Bowles Mauve cuttings as they are short lived and when they decide to die they go very quickly.

Do take it easy though that is a lot to plant ou in one go.

DPD for us are excellent but they must deliver here every 3-4 days. We are on first name terms with our driver!

27 Apr, 2021


Anget and Seaburngirl, we only got a bigger B&M about 18 months ago. They took over the old Homebase which was closed down which I miss but also like the bigger B&M. Had to go in there for other things so just had to look at the plants Haha. I had taken cutting of the Erysimum previous years and then given them away coz i had too many, Murphy's law Haha, but last year I never got around to it.

Seaburngirl, I never realised but there are 2 DPD. The blue and red, blue is the local. We get lots of deliveries as well but normally the red one when DPD. Think it can just differ with each area. Most of our deliveries are Parcel Force. With him we are on 1st name as well. Lovely guy who even since he uses his own van, helped my daughter move from her rented to her own house.

27 Apr, 2021


Lovely collection here, Jen! You’ve really chosen well. I see your lavender has arrived as planned! They will look and smell wonderful under the window!!!!
Your frontage looks very attractive with your Photinia, plus the acer just slightly to the right of the pic looks an absolute beauty!!!
I’ve a couple or 3 choisya too they’re a lovely, reliable addition! The heuchera - i can appreciate your purchase as it’s a smashing colour!
As Eileen said, please don’t overdo it with the planting, it’s a lot of work! You must take it easy. Jen. x

27 Apr, 2021


Thank you Kate. The Photinia were one of the 1st plants we bought when we moved In nearly 6 years ago. I seem to remember they were the 2 for £15. We wanted something to go in my old pots. The Acre was here when we moved in. It is gorgeous. I pruned it for the 1st time this year to shape it and was worried it wouldn't come back so nice. In the Autumn just before it loses it's leaves it almost goes a fluorescent red. I've wanted a Choisya Sundance for a couple of years. I just love the colour they go in winter, had one in a garden a few houses ago Haha. Still got 2 Alstroemeria and a Helianthus Lemon Queen to arrive and then hubby has banned me from buying any more plants this year Haha. The house is a doer upper and we plan to do 2 rooms this year. One of the bedrooms and the dining room. During the 1st lockdown, on the 1st day, our works phone didn't stop ringing so I was in the workshop alot and bless Ringo, he eat two big holes in the carpet in the middle of the room. Luckily it was always going to go. The walls have purple "hairy" wall paper and even the radiator is painted purple. Will to nice to finally get them done. It's really hard to take things easy, not normally my nature but I'm slowly learning haha. I was very lucky with the stroke, already nearly back to normal other then getting very tired easily. Promise to try and pace myself. 😁

28 Apr, 2021

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