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Sorry it's been so long


Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

Today when I was looking at my lavender, thinking, I really must prune it, it made me think of this group as it was this group who gave me the idea of planting in this very dry, sunny bed. Made me come on the site and look through my old photos of my garden and realised just how far it and I have come. This group ignited my now passion for gardening. Sorry not been on, life just seems to get in the way and since my stroke 18 months ago, things take so much longer to do. I still have mobility issues but in the garden I can forget them.

Thought I would do a few update photos just to show how far it has come from the Horsetail, blackthorn, and every other weed, overgrown garden it was lol.

The last photo shows my lastest purchase. It’s a Musella Lasiocarpa, Chinese dwarf banana. I recently found a local to me nursery that specialises in unusual plants and couldn’t resist lol.
Anyway, thank you once again for igniting the gardener in me 😁

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What a beautiful garden and house!everything looks lush and so healthy and colourful.You’ve done a marvellous job.

5 Aug, 2022


Thank you Gerardine for your kind words 😀

5 Aug, 2022


I really enjoyed the trip round your garden, it was a delight. Super planting and placing. Welcome back!
Oh, and fab canines!

6 Aug, 2022


Hello Jen, so lovely to see you back on GoY again! Your garden is looking amazing. I hope you, the family and your business are all doing well ... :o))

6 Aug, 2022


Thank you Anget, it's been a leaning curve the whole time and still is 😁.
They are my garden helper/hinderance lol.

6 Aug, 2022


Hi Shirley, I hope you and family are well. We are plodding along lol. Just over a year ago, our daughter decided after all the worry from the last couple of years, that she didn't want to be self employed any more and left our business which has made more work for Tim and me. My stroke didn't help as at the beginning I still had trouble thinking straight and even walking straight lol. I still have left side weakness but it could have been worse. They found I have a heart problem which is what caused the stroke at only 53 but im getting there. Garden has helped so much. Been sort of my physio lol. X

6 Aug, 2022


Wow,Jen,your garden is a credit to you, it's so beautiful,and pleased you have decided to come back to Goy.So sorry to hear you had a stroke,but my goodness,how far you have come,in being able to tend your garden,along with your two lovely 'Helpers' .
I'm sure with your determination and positive outlook,,which you seem to have lots of, your mobility will improve no end,and I hope to see more of it over the coming months.. take care.x

6 Aug, 2022


Hi, all looks amazing Jen sorry to hear you had a stroke, good to hear you are well and enjoying your garden, I spotted alstroe Indian Summer there by your banana, I would like to have a go at growing one too :-))

6 Aug, 2022


Jen, sending you a PM ... :o)

7 Aug, 2022


Hi Bloomer,
thank you so much.
Don't know how much help the boys are lol, all they want is a toy throwing when in the garden lol.
I'm getting there health wise. Think I found it hard coz where I had my stroke during all the covid madness, I never got any physio. X

7 Aug, 2022


Hi Daylily

Thank you so much. Yes it is a Alstroemeria Indian summer. I love them. Such workhorses of the garden. I saw them on here and had to have one, now have 3 lol. I also added 2 pink ones last summer. Can't remember their names. 😀.

7 Aug, 2022


Hi Jen,I'm sure the boys are helping in their own way,having you throw the ball for them,that is exercise in itself ! Lol.
I know,it's a slow process, and Covid was such a terrible time for us all,but you are getting there now,so keep smiling and stay positive.. xx

7 Aug, 2022


It’s all looking colourful and pretty fab too, Jen. I did wonder how you were getting on…the boys are looking photogenic as usual too. I do hope you are ok, especially as you had to really muster through during the pandemic…it really was a horrendous time for you.
Lovely to see you posting and sharing your garden again.
Keep well, keep up the good work, but look after yourself too. Best wishes x

10 Aug, 2022


Welcome back Jen, sorry I didn't know you had been so unwell, I'm pleased you are recovering despite having to do it without the physio, covid has been hard and heartbreaking for so many..
Gardening is good therapy, just take it slowly, yours looks lovely Jen, lush and so colourful, I love the photo of your very handsome helpers, take care now..x

12 Aug, 2022


Hi Kate
Thank you so much.
How are you doing?I seem to remember that you had covid and was finding it hard to recover. X

12 Aug, 2022


Hi Lincslass,
It has been an entertaining time. Lol. Doesn't help that stroke was left side and I'm very left handed. Carpet cleaner has come out a few times as I kept still reaching for things but not quite making it 🤣 and found blood thinners and gardening not always the best combo, tiny scratch and it looks like a blood bath or slightest knock and I'm black and blue 🤣🤣.

Thank you. We have been lucky in that we have had rain and not the dry heat elsewhere has had. Garden bit dry now with this heat but think we are due rain on Monday, fingers crossed. X

12 Aug, 2022


I have just found your blog Jen after you put a "like" on mine!
I was sorry to hear you had a stroke and pleased you are managing to get in your garden.
I hadn't seen your garden before it was finished.
It is absolutely lovely ! I love your dogs and they seem to like posing for the camera! lol
Gardening, I find is the best therapy you can have!
It has helped me over the years!
Take care x

21 Aug, 2022


Thank you so much Rose. Luckily I had done most of the hard work before the stroke so after I could just start planting and maintaining it. Spring 2021 I had plants arriving that I had ordered so was the push to get more movement back, as you say, the garden is a great healer. The boys (dogs) helped as I wanted to be able to walk them again. Really I've been very lucky. And yes, they do like to pose lol. I get my phone out and they think it's only to take pictures of them 😂

22 Aug, 2022


Very modest then! lol!

22 Aug, 2022


Looks wonderful, certainly can see all the hard work you put in the garden.

1 Sep, 2022


Thank you so much Amaterdam.

1 Sep, 2022 sorry I missed your message after I'd posted! I'm well thank you, its very kind of you to ask. I think my yoga and zumba classes do help. Especially the meditation part of yoga. My Monday evening teacher has the best mantras and ways of keeping you fit and relaxed at the same time xx

13 Sep, 2022

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