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This year, for the 1st time, I decided to grow Coleus and use as a bedding plant. Had seen they like shade so last winter, bought 2 packet of seeds and decided to give it a go. They were called Wizard mix and Black dragon. Seeds germinate really well and ended up with around 50 plants.

Gave a ton to my daughter for her garden and then planted the rest around my garden with mixed results. Dogs killed a few with their paws. Mainly hubby’s fault as he has a habit of throwing their toys which end up in the flower beds and the boys stomped on plants retrieving toy. Some haven’t thrived very well and others have become monsters lol.

Lesson learnt of where to plant them, I’ve decided to grow them again next year.

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I like them. I grew some once & had a big one just like your first photo. They do germinate very well but the trouble I found was that you can’t tell with the small seedlings what they are going to be like, so you have to grow them on & chuck the ones that aren’t very good colours, which is a bit of a fag. Yours are looking lovely.

8 Sep, 2022


Some good colours there! Are you tempted to grow some again next year?

8 Sep, 2022


They should start to flower soon. If they do they will get a bit leggy if the flower heads are not removed. You can propagate your coleus by placing cuttings in water if you wish to do so. Looks like the areas you planted them in are perfect for them. Good Job!

8 Sep, 2022


Looks great, like you, I grew from seed last year and this year tried out Black Dragon, plus I tried using self saved seeds from last year's plants

Both successful, mine were also outside as bedding as well

If you are liking them try out the KONG series, just as colourful but huge hand sized leaves, I'm going to try saving some of the Kong seeds for next year and stopping cross pollination by smaller mixed varieties.

9 Sep, 2022


You've a gorgeous selection, Jen!!! They do lend such lovely colour don't they! My Mum loves them, she has them in pots. I'm wondering if you're going g to try some cuttings for next year?

9 Sep, 2022


Thank you Klahanie, been really pleased with them.

Thank you Feverfew, think I was lucky, the Wizard mix didn't give much of a choice but liked what grew. They had only slight differences.

Thank you Steragram, have already bought the Wizard mix for next year. Decided not to grow the Black Dragon as they didn't do so well. Have ordered a packet of Coral mix and will see how they do.

Thank you Loosestrife2. Some didn't survive lol, but really pleased with ones that did. I didn't even know about them till last year but I'm a big researcher lol, read not to let them flower so have been pinching them out. Decided to let the weather have them and grow from seed again next year.

Thank you Grandad gar, I only found out about them last year and decided to give them a go as I like to try different plants to grow. Thank you, will look up the Kong ones

Thank you Kate, I did think about it but my greenhouse isn't heated and don't trust them to be in the house, dogs like looking out the windows so think they would knock them flying. Have bought some more seeds for next year.

9 Sep, 2022


They look great, a lovely foliage plant, don't really know why I don't grow them, seeing yours I think its time I did...

10 Sep, 2022


Thank you Linclass, I've really decided that I like what they have added to the garden that I'm growing them again next year lol.

12 Sep, 2022

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