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Profile photo is of myself and my daughter - I'm on the right. Call me besotted when it comes to gardening and a plantaholic to boot. I also enjoy quilting and reading - mainly gardening magazines and books if the weather is too foul to 'play outside'. I also enjoy baking for my family when I'm in the mood. My most recent project is a Fairy Garden I made in the front section. I am the owner of 4 cats, and as you can guess....CATS AND GARDENING do not go hand in hand. LOLOL They are always digging up newly planted things and consequently I have lots of driftwood, rocks and prunings scattered around the garden to stop the critters from doing more damage. I even resorted to using plastic soda bottles filled with water to cover bare patches, it looks completely unsightly but I am at my wits end ! I'm the only one who works in my garden, my husband prefers to admire it from a distance. Last year I managed to get him to dig a hole and erect a white Dovecote for me in the front garden. It was a wedding anniversary gift for me, so I shouldn't complain. Now I have some gorgeous "Nelly Moser" Clematis climbing it's way to the top and on the other side a white Iceberg climbing rose doing the same. I even managed to sneak in a Dublin Bay climbing rose for the same area as I don't know when to stop. This addiction is terrifying on the wallet, ask my husband. :-)

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