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Hello! :) I'm still new to gardening, this will be my second year... but last year I was loving every minute! Unfortunately I have to spend a lot of time away from the garden, because I'm at uni up in Newcastle... but it makes the comeback all the sweeter :P

I'm aiming for a roughly cottage garden style, (we do after all live in one!), but things are still early on, so we'll see *hopefully* :P I particularly love the more natural looking flowers that suit that style, and am trying to grow as many bee friendly varieties as possible!

Mostly my plants are from seed, as I am a student, and therefore impoverished ;) but also I love watching the new seedlings emerge... it seems like a little miracle each time :P

I am still learning to deal with the bigger plants though, as our garden is very overgrown, so last year I was mostly ripping weeds up and stuff, but discovered that when its a weed and a plant I want side by side.... they both end up coming out :/ So thats something to work on :P

I hope to learn a lot from GoY, (everyone is so friendly here!), and in time be able to share things myself.

I wish you all a very merry planting season!

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  • Papaver Orientale: 'Beauty of Livemore' (Papaver orientale (Oriental poppy))

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