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I live in Cockatoo Valley in South Australia. Our garden is populated mainly with Banksias, a few Dryandras Grivillaes and sundry Proteas. There is no structure to it as it is designed to be enjoyed by walking through it. The plants attract a large number of birds but there is a down side. We have wild rabbits that have taken up residence and they dig holes and clip the new plants. Harold (the Tom Cat) keeps them in check, he caught 3 rabbits the other evening. There are a few brown snakes (but they don't worry anyone) some large rats (Harold and Serious Herman (the tom cat) keep them in check) and field mice.

Our house is built on what can only be described as a sand dune - very deep sand (about 20 -30 metres deep) so the most suited plants are of the protea family.

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Country: Australia

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