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sorry plants.


By jewells


Well Hi everyone havent been on for a long time but thought not alot to do in this rain, woop woop so pop on for a chat. well I had a job to do last week in someones garden and i have to say it was the most horrid of jobs. The client had just bought a new home, great house and a very loved back garden, by the previous owner. Anyway to cut a long story short we had to go in and remove all of these lovely plants and lawn completely destroy it and lay it to all turf. well it was terrible but we had tried to change the clients plans but they were set in stone. someone had spent many years tending and loveing this garden and I wanted to cry. To help me recover I told my colleague that we would have to save all the plants. So we did and my were there alot of plants, they are all now potted and tucked up safe and loved in our polytunnel and we can pass them on to people who love plants. I can sleep at night now as i feel they would have all ended up in a brown bin if we had not saved them. Its quite sad but I would have felt like a wicked gardener if I had not saved them. Plants are so lovely and give myself and others alot of joy. If i said this to others they may think I am mad so had to tell you instead, thanks for listening lol :)

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I think you've published twice.. maybe delete this one ?

9 Apr, 2012


I think that's a very noble thing you have done and I think I would have done the same if I were in your position. Well done you.

9 Apr, 2012


Oh Jewells, I do feel for you. I would have definitely cried! Well done on rescuing all the lovely plants. You will find good homes for them I'm sure. :)

9 Apr, 2012


I 'rescued' a plant from my next door neighbour who was going to bin it. It's a malus crab apple tree (in a very sorry state as it had been in a pot). You should see it now - it's my pride and joy and is just so pretty, burgundy foliage and deep red blossom. My neighbour was getting rid as she said it was too big for the pot she'd bought it! Of course it was too big - it's a small tree!!!

9 Apr, 2012


Nice one Sheilar...that sounds like 'Royalty' the one I had to take out last year after the gales. It's a lovely plant.

9 Apr, 2012


I've had it coming up to two years now Karen and I just adore it. At the end of the summer, I just very lightly prune it to trim any odd straggly branches and to stop it growing too high. This seems to work as it's put out new branches lower down. The neighbour who I rescued it from, was admiring it the other day (bet she wishes she'd kept it now - well she's not getting it back!!!)

9 Apr, 2012


What a very sad thing to have to do Jewells - don't know how you made yourself get on with it. So glad you managed to salvage the plants - at any rate its a reasonable time of year to move them. The previous owner would be heartbroken.

9 Apr, 2012


Good point would have been much worse in July! Nice work Sheilar...that'll teach her! ;)

9 Apr, 2012


Well done Jewells it would have broken my heart to see good plants thrown away, such a shame, good on you.

11 Apr, 2012


well thank god for the rain we have had the last few days here in suffolk as alot of my rescued babes were outside the tunnel as we ran out of room, so the natural rain has done them the power of good. well done to you too sheilar on the crab apple they are beautiful.

12 Apr, 2012

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