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Hi everyone
No I haven’t gone into hibernation but with this weather I wish I could. My pond looks great with all the snow around it. I gave into Jemma my grandaughter’s constant requests for fish and we went to our local pet shop, Jemma picked 3 goldfish and 3 shubunkins. We put them in 3 weeks ago and they all seem to be doing well, they have all survived up to now.

I’ve decide to leave the waterfall as it is for now and will wait until the spring before deciding whether to build rocks around it or go for just plants. Because of the lack of space and the fact that the little space I had is now full with the pond I might go for plants rather than rocks to add some colour. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You might be able to see that I’ve left my pump and filter running, I know some people take them out over winter and some leave them running. I’ve decided to leave them running, time will tell if I’ve made the right choice or not.

I couldn’t resist a photo of Suki my cat, she loves the snow and I have a job getting her in once she goes outside.

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Hi Jim
Glad you managed to get to the fish stage, aren't you the popular grandad! I leave my pump running to the main filter, but the spitters are turned off, the local birds seem to like this and blackbirds seem to flock to it for a bath no matter what the weather, I have seen 6 altogther having a bath. I think I'll have to be clever with my camera.
My cats hate the snow and cold, if there is lying snow or very thick frost I have to put a litter tray out else they find a corner (reclutantly so).

27 Nov, 2010


Our pump and filter are only turned off when I have to clean them and that is a job I sort very quickly, thank goodness I don`t have to sort it at the moment. Suki is a very pretty cat, our ones don`t like the snow,in and out in the shortest time possible, its funny to see them trying to avoid the snow......

27 Nov, 2010


I keep my pump going all year round, my pond is not to deep so i put some downpipe in for the fish to go inand i have a ball floating on the pond aswell, done this for last 8-9yrs and my fish have survived every winter.

28 Nov, 2010


Thanks for the feedback guys. Clarice I like the idea of the drainpipe I might copy that, thanks. Got up this morning and the pond was frozen apart from a small area where the water runs in off the waterfall. I haven't put a ball in cos I thought the running water from the waterfall would stop it freezing over, but it hasn't so I might get a ball as well. Temperature got down to -10 last night and hasn't got above 0 today more snow forecast for tonight as well. I hate winter!!!! It was funny watching Suki this afternoon trying to catch the snowflakes as they were falling and then jumping everytime one landed on her back, daft cat.

28 Nov, 2010

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