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Hi Folks, on Sunday we went to the local show we took 2 of our granddaughters Shannon & Charlotte both 10..our allotments had a communal gardening table display, i made up a trug of fruit & veg from our plots.. ( keep your eye on the little squash in the right hand corner )

Thats all done,( see the squash hiding under the handle )

now for a floral display for the table..

Just check the weight of my pumpkin for the competition..nine & a half pound..not as big as last years at this time..

3 onions "dressed"for the over 8oz class..thats ok these are over 1lb each

this was " our table " i must admit it could have been set out a bit better,it was done before we got trug & flowers on the floor.

The plant at the back is my granddaughter Shannon’s Russian yellow the “surprise us” section..all the rest on table were put on by one man..

This was Shannon’s entry into the Art section..

There should have been a pic of Charlotte’s chocolate chip marble cake here..but i somehow deleted it (will put it on as last photo..)
our onions front left..not a chance with some of

my pumpkin &.. hey how did you get up there !!

Oh had entered the little squash without me there were no more entries.

our neighbour on the plot..Mr Bee man..

Hows this for a cabbage ?

ooh Charlotte they are tasting your cake..

the girls had some fun while we waited for the judges to finish..

When they let us back in..Charlotte had won 3rd prize..not bad when it was against the domestic section.the judge did praise her cake later to her..

Shannon had won 1st prize for the sketch..nothing for her plant..the man won with all his entries..

These got 1st & one else entered..

Our table got 2nd..there was only one other entry..& it was a stand against the wall full of pics of fruit & veg for the public to guess what they were..and they won they did not even have a table..

The girls collecting their prize money, soo excited by this..& meeting the Mayor..

& the photographer of the local newspaper just had to take them outside for a quick pose..

What did we all win??!! £3 for 1st..£1.50 for 2nd..50p for 3rd..we fell about laughing..Charlotte said “not even enough for a packet of crisp”..but we had a lovely day.. in between the showers..

thought i would end with this board that was up in the cafe there..

Charlotte’s cake with recipe..

this was the only pic i got of the other “communal gardening display” but you may get an idea of what it was like (right hand side behind the table )..considering none of us had done anything like this before we did ok..i was so proud of both of them, the girls cant wait for next years show & loved it..

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Hi Joanella, Looks like you had a good day for your show. Everyone at our show was huddled in the Allotment shop to get out of the cold wind. Made a profit on the teas, coffees and cake though.

29 Aug, 2011


Lol Lilyanne..we all kept dashing to the tent with the rain & no chairs to sit on only in the back was aching half way through..glad you made a profit :o)

29 Aug, 2011


What a great day out you had there . . . fun for all the family. And some good bonsai there!

29 Aug, 2011


Thank you Sheila, yes it was a great day out for us..the bonsai were good i spent about 20 mins looking at

29 Aug, 2011


A nice blog, and what a lovely show.

29 Aug, 2011


Well done I enjoyed this blog, and thought your table looked lovely the cake looks delicious love the captions on the notice board, especially the one we are the willing led by the unknowing, doing the impossible for the ungrateful so true, giggled at little bo peep hehe.

29 Aug, 2011


Loved it,Joanella..these are the best kind of shows to me..and well done to your two Grandaughters too..a good incentive to do it again next year..maybe they will get enough for a packet of crisps and a bottle of pop! The prize money at ours was a similar amount too. glad you all had a lovely day..:o)

30 Aug, 2011


Thank you for your comment Julien..:o))
6d..i thought the notice board was funny..i like the .take home pay one.:o)
Thanks Sandra,lol at the bottle of pop..:o)

30 Aug, 2011


Very nice show, Joanella; far more entries and much more fun than the one we were at in Inverness.

30 Aug, 2011


Thank you Bulbaholic, yes it was a good turn out for such a small show, its only been going a few years & gets bigger & better each i was told, sorry you were disappointed with the one you went to..:o)

30 Aug, 2011


Lovely trug of fruit & veg, Joan ... but shame it was put on the ground! ... Well done to you and your grandaughters for entering ... the cake looks inviting too ... hope the amount of prize money doesn't deter them from entering again! . . . . .

30 Aug, 2011


Yes thats a good one should be put on tv and radio wonder would that get through to the thick heads that run the country.

30 Aug, 2011


Hi Shirley,i wasnt bothered about the trug going on the floor..but i was a bit "put out " with the flowers as you couldnt see them was husband & wife..who practically run our site..who set it out & it was left to them,anyway it not important..worse things happen at they
Hi 6d,lol..i dont think so.:o)

30 Aug, 2011


Fascinating blog and photos... Well done on your wins :o)

31 Aug, 2011


:o)) neither do I

31 Aug, 2011


This is a very interesting - & funny - blog, Joanella, I loved every minute it took to read! :-)) You must be very proud of your lovely gdaughters, I would be if they were mine!

The prize money is what they call "a small incentive!" LOL! :-D

Winning first prize for the cake must have been a fabulous prize for Charlotte! :-)) She'll be stimulated to do something better in the future!

4 Sep, 2011


Hi Balcony, sorry reply is late but ive not been on for a while as not been well...but i am ok now..thank you for your kind comment pleased you enjoyed it..and yes i am proud of them..& the other 13.. g/children i have.:o)

9 Sep, 2011


Glad you are better now Joanella!
The man in the cap eh!
Leaves begining to dry out well, at their yellow stage!!

12 Sep, 2011


Thanks Lulu..thats good .:o)

12 Sep, 2011

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