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hi there just to say i went to allotment today only to find our shed window had been completely removed and bevs next door, bert and hon were on site he had a few things missing and hon,s scythe had gone,they could have saved themselves the trouble as our shed wasnt locked just shut to with watering can nothing in there anyway,ben and i will go up later to fix the window .also abit further up lane in chairmanssheds we had generator and other stuff we all shared in 3 large sheds and every thing was taken,what do you think of police plot ,

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Sorry to read about all the thefts... :o(

5 Oct, 2009


the scum who broke in are to thick to realise your shed wasnt locked there not the brightest people in the world, sorry to hear about your thefts too.

5 Oct, 2009


It's so distressing when this sort of thing happens and to add to your grief the police are too busy tackling terrorism to care.

5 Oct, 2009


What a shame so sorry to hear this

5 Oct, 2009


So sorry that yourselves and the other allotment holders have been the victims of theft and vandalism.

5 Oct, 2009


the police are as most of the 'services' too thinly stretched. 30 yrs ago a typical shift had 14 officers now its 6 if you are lucky. [true for humberside]
no comfort to the victims i know but it is very frustrating for the police too.

5 Oct, 2009


Says a lot for our priorities nowadays Seaburngirl and those 6 have so much more paper work to.

5 Oct, 2009


sorry about the break in, so sickening :o(

6 Oct, 2009


Sorry to hear that . Some people are just idiots. I think they should have a taste of their own medicine !

6 Oct, 2009


That's horrific! You can tell the bobbies arent around much, but with oiks like that around, they're probably too busy!

14 Oct, 2009


We're told that we wouldn't be able to build enough prisons to house all the miscreants of today, so they just go free. It doesn't say much for our so called civilised society. What was that that Tony Blair promised? Nowadays we're told to try to understand the poor unfortunate yobs and sympathise with them rather than the victim. In the majority of cases I do actually blame 'society' not the perpetrator of the crime. There doesn't appear to be any punishment to fit the crime. In our youth the shame was enough.
I think that for smaller offences on society, they should be shown that it's not the 'coppers' that they've upset but us their fellow citizens. This could be easily and cheaply be resolved. On a Saturday morning they should be placed in 'The Stocks' the rotten fruit should be bought by us and the money should go to the victim or charity. I recon that the first humiliating throws would be delivered by their 'mates'.
And no I'm not a member of the BNP

18 Oct, 2009


that will never happen heron too much political correctness today

18 Oct, 2009



18 Oct, 2009

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