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hi all, well we are back home now,we took my mum and dad with us to malta,getting off the coach at their hotel,(not the same one as ours)my dad fell up the steps to the hotel so good start there, thankfully he was just shaken up a bit.we then went to our hotel ,put the cases in the room then back to reception to ask for another room it was dark &dingy and felt grubby,there was no view from the teeny tiny balcony except for buildings and 101 cranes

view from balcony

another view from balcony

dark and drab
it took 2 days to move rooms as it was like musical chairs everyone was moving rooms,it wasnt just us, we got another one which wasnt much better it had a tiny window ,no balcony ,overlooking the same street,the dining room was so dark and horrible you couldnt see the food properly needless to say we didnt eat there in spite of being all inclusive,(of course ben had his liquid refreshment, he needed it) we asked to be moved to another hotel and had to pay 100euros to the hotel for a 3 day cancelation fee,“they should have paid us” we finally moved to a hotel on the front we were next to my mum and dad,the hotel was100% better,lovely and clean and food was delicious,

new hotel rooms,still no view from balcony,but by now we were past caring.

after 6 days of rain,it finally brightened up and we could go sightseing
so here are a few pics as promised for spritz after a ferry trip to valetta on rememberance sunday what a lovely place lots of beautiful churches.


lilly 2 you were certainly right about the roads, you have to have eyes in the back of your head .
san you were also right about the peope they are so nice & helpfull.
well i bought some seeds for the allotment so cant wait to get cracking with them a bit later on

i just caught this sunflower with its 2 visitors in st julien,there is a bee there but a bit hard to spot.

a few of the wild cats i just had to give them a little lunch.

a trip to duck island this photo doesnt do it justice.

the only tree for half a mile clinging to the wall,

i thought this notice was quite funny,wouldnt fancy pushing a shopping trolley up there

an hour boat trip round sliema harbour was very interesting with all the forts built during their conflicts around the harbour.

sorry but this should have been at the top of blog, first hotel room dark & dingy.i bought some spices,so i hope you can give me some recipies with saffron as ive never used it

i did not really want to include this pic as i hate to see birds in a cage but this was quite an empty one ,still not so good..

another funny notice,if you cant read the bottom one it says"fumigation in progress

came accross this plant but dont know what it is,never seen it before it has long thin pods,

a look at sliema harbour from hotel roof terrace,

how the other half live ,eh.
we found malta to be expensive,almost double the prices here the streets were very steep,very religious, and some beautiful places to visit and people very hospitable,ah well holiday over,back to the grind,and lots of blog catching up on now,hope you enjoyed my pics and that i didnt bore you too much.

p.s. im sure this fella followed us from the allotment cant get away from them.

on way home , view from plane window

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Its a shame you had so many problems with your hotel Joanella....
interesting pics. That plant, wonder if its a Delonix? I have a baby one and the leaves look very similar. That cruiser is not bad looking eh!!

22 Nov, 2009


hi amble, dont know could possibly be a delonix yes some of the boats were like palaces,

22 Nov, 2009


A really fascinating set of photos, Joanella....
a pity you had to play musical chairs because of the awful hotel rooms and terrible views from the windows... I hope your Dad is not too bruised from his fall.... are you now back home to the English rain ?

22 Nov, 2009


Boring, Certainly NOT. A very good and interesting account of your holiday.
How disappointing that things were bad at first, its so insulting offering guests standards like that. The second room looks better, but the views!!
Yes I bet that garden snail followed you, did you take him home? I bet you didn't.
It sounds as though all-in-all you ended up enjoying it, and I hope your parents did too. You do need a sense of humour though don't you Joanella?

22 Nov, 2009


thanx terra, dad ok now the weather here is not good is it? dont like the cold heating on full now.
yes we did enjoy it in the end mad its a break isnt it and i enjoyed a walk after tea with my mum at night which we dont do at home made a nice change.

22 Nov, 2009


sorry things didnt turn out as planned joanella, a few amusing pics there, them steep steps and small streets, yes its a very primative place their star raiting isnt like ours for sure, bad weather to, poor you, there are some lovely things to see though, the bays are pretty arent they, years since i was there, welcome home :o))

22 Nov, 2009


Sounds like you had mixed fortunes Joanella, at least you survived the roads. I didn't like to say exactly how bad they were before you went! Our hire car never got used again after the terrifying trip from the airport! We went for 4 days in October and had poor weather too. We went for a wedding so didn't get to see all the island and I gather we didn't see the best bits. Our hotel was great though, quite near yours on the outskirts of St Juliens other side to Sliema. I agree the people were lovely and I fed the cats too!

22 Nov, 2009


i agree with you there san the first hotel had no water for 2 days,waiting for tanks being filled up i can laugh now though.
you were brave to use a car at all lilly we nearly got knocked down twice lol

22 Nov, 2009


What did you think of the wonderful old buses and cars?

My husband drove - I didn't! We did go across on the ferry to Gozo, though - it was a lovely island. I'd like to go back to Malta one day - so much history there. I hope you found some of the 'treasures', too.

Valetta? Did you go there? Such a beautiful city with those huge walls.

22 Nov, 2009


valetta is a wonderfull city barbara i agree and them buses feels like your not going to make it up them steep streets lol, i also enjoyed the silent city and church in there, no traffic its so peacefull

22 Nov, 2009


the malta bus is quite a thing over there spritz a piece of string tied along the side of bus for the bell a lady had to show me where it was or id still be on that bus lol yes went to gozo as you say lovely,i bought a naughty poster from vaetta about an italian who went to malta you may have seen it it seemed to be in every shop,what i did like were the religious plaques on most of the houses where we were,as you say though its well steeped in history our regular waiter was called toni an elderly chap whos favourite saying was "eat all your din din or no pudding" lol

22 Nov, 2009


hi san hows you new suite going looks nice & smart

22 Nov, 2009


I thought it looked at first like a concrete jungle, I always thought it would be beautiful full of trees and flowers, the second room was far better cute wild cats lovely markings. Love that unknown plant. too

22 Nov, 2009


hi morgana not much greenery where we were but have more pics of the city will put on when i have some time, maybe brighten up a gloomy dull day.but a very very built up place with old buildings

22 Nov, 2009


Its a shame when they build it all up spoils the reason people go to these places in the first place, oh I found those notices too funny, would like to see my daughter push me up there in the wheel chair never alone a trolly lol .

22 Nov, 2009


my new sofa is so comfy joanella, i just cant get off it once i lay down :o)))

22 Nov, 2009


Malta is a rock - so there isn't a lot of greenery there - but it's still a fascinating place to visit! Did you go to the museum where they keep the medal? Isn't it the Victoria Cross? How anyone survived all the bombing, I shall never know!

I remember visiting a church where a bomb had gone through the roof, but hadn't exploded - all the people thought it was a miracle!

22 Nov, 2009


no didnt see that barbara, my grandad was in merchant navy and torpedoed at malta, we got all the storys when young, he finally managed to go back there a few years before he died and thouroughly enjoyed his visit,and your right its very baron land no bright coloured flowers or trees, very religious place

22 Nov, 2009


My first and lasting impression of Malta was that so many of the buildings seemed to be in a state of suspended animation - either half way up or half way down and rock everywhere! Valetta is very beautiful with lovely views across the water, also the ancient walled town of Medina, so quiet, did you go there?

23 Nov, 2009


sorry didnt answer yesterday lilly ,went to bed earlier than usual,you were spot on with your description i spoke to a tourist there who had been there 30 yrs earlier when some building was being put up ,when he returned it was exactly the same 30 yrs later still not finished ,i know the old buildings are quaint and historic but they just seem to build new buildings on top of the old ones making you feell closed in ,no didnt get to medina ,my mum has been to malta before on a stop off when on a cruise,she went to the church spritz talks about with the bomb in it mum said it was unbelievable.

23 Nov, 2009


Sorry about your hotel etc hope your dad is ok now .

23 Nov, 2009


yes he was ok the next day just a bit bruised down his arm thank you for asking clarice

23 Nov, 2009


Sorry but I had to laugh when I saw your view. It must have looked wonderful in the rain.
I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

24 Nov, 2009


thank you hywel, wasnt funny at the time though, dont blame you for laughing,

24 Nov, 2009


It's nice to have you back :o)

24 Nov, 2009


thank you hywel, its good to be back,(wasnt that an old gary glitter ditty,) ha ha

24 Nov, 2009


I think it was :o)

24 Nov, 2009

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