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poor mr frog


hi all ,been busy up at the allotment the last week,putting top soil and compost in beds ready for spuds going in, lots of hard work at the moment..

after we swam down the paths that is !!!

while ben cut down half a tree that takes a lot of light off plot
i wander over to our new plot

squelch , glug , slurp!!!

my first port of call is the defrosted pond !!! oh no we have a frozen frog, oh what a shame ,poor thing ….

the ice on the tiny pond was so thick over xmas i couldnt break it….

i got a bargain with these climbers from £1 shop will put them along the fence…

and these bushes in between them..

the last tenant had a thing about sinking bins into the ground there were about 5 full of soil & water

the big blue one was harder to get out than you would think…..

ah well little bit less to do next time we go up

this is the fence i am going to plant the roses next next job is to clean out the pond ready for some new frogs to take up residence i hope anyway……..

the last tenant left the sink so i may put alpines in it…

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We have had for some years a 3 legged frog and last year the builder pointed out he was dead spread out at the bottom of our pond. After a couple of weeks the frog had gone, but come the better weather we saw him in the garden.

31 Jan, 2010


aw that was good drc,im afraid ours is buried now,im going to be up all night worrying may dig him up tmoz lol...

31 Jan, 2010


poor froggy, why did it stay in threr when it got so cold, lots of work going on there for you both joanella, those climbers will look lovely when established to, maybe they buried the water butts to stop being kicked over by thugs,, just a thought, enjoyed the blog thanx :o))

31 Jan, 2010


It must be wonderful to have the alotment. There seems to be a lot of work there before you get it in shape, but you'll enjoy it I'm sure. Pitty for the frog. I hope you get some more.

31 Jan, 2010


your welcome san, dont know why but it will be a hard job to get them out yes lots of work to do in next few months :o)

31 Jan, 2010


hi hywel,this is our 2nd plot so only just starting on it but yes we do enjoy it,it keeps us out of trouble lol :o)

31 Jan, 2010


That's the way lol :o)

31 Jan, 2010



31 Jan, 2010


You are brave starting all this! I know I couldn't. That path looks exactly like the ones where I walk Henry. Ugh - my wellies sink in and it makes walking soooo difficult, doesn't it!

31 Jan, 2010


it does spritz,that is why we made raised beds on first plot as all plot would be like a bog, 2nd plot not much better i dont know what we are going to do with it yet...

31 Jan, 2010


frogs can live long.
a friend school teacher had to take a frog home after a pupil had brought it to school for a project however it sort of remained at her place and was looked after for many years then some 20 years later the boy (now 6 ft and 26 years old) visited his old primary teacher and the teacher friend asked him if wanted his frog back
an astounded ex pupil was introduced to his old frog of 20 year ago and kindly left it to his old teacher to look after.
it lived to 21 years

31 Jan, 2010


wow thats brilliant what a story piersdad,how interesting would not have said they could live that long maybe when i clean out the pond i will get some more...

31 Jan, 2010


Brilliant blog xxx

poor froggy

Looking forward to following more ...........

31 Jan, 2010


thanx kimmy will keep you posted :o))

1 Feb, 2010


Enjoyed the blog but not about the poor frog.

1 Feb, 2010


i know clarice,its a shame :o((

1 Feb, 2010


yes joanella from what i saw she had an ordinary fish tank about 2ft by 1-1/2 ft and there was a wooden log hidout with shade and water there it was kept in her living room and she used to swat the odd fly or collect other insects from the garden for him to eat.
she was careful not not over fed or starve it.

2 Feb, 2010


thats good pd,i remember years ago we had a tropical fish tank and we had what i think was called an african aquatic frog it looked like a smooth grey pebble with no head cute though and lived quite happy with the fish we moved to smaller place so sold the tank ..

2 Feb, 2010

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