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Hi everyone. Just signed up so I am very new to all this. Find it a bit scary, feeling like I have SAD. Fed up with grey days, rain etc but just looked outside and look what I found so maybe there’s hope for days to come. And I found this site as well and after looking it over it seems to be full of friendly and interesting people. Has cheered me up no end so I thought why not give it a go and here I am, although I am not sure how it all works yet. Anyone who loves plants loves life in my opinion. So Hi everyone hope I can join your happy band.

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hi Joeanne, welcome to GOY.
im glad you found this site, i know it cheers me up and ive made loads of good friends .
the good news is spring is just around the corner, i for one cant wait to get back out into my swamp lol sorry garden

31 Jan, 2009


Welcome Joeanne, the site is great particularly during the winter months because everyone is feeling the same things while waiting for spring to arrive. I like your photo too. Enjoy. :o)

31 Jan, 2009


Welcome to GoY :o)
Enjoy :o)
Spring bulbs are already appearing.
Do you have winter interest plants to brighten up the colder months ?
I've uploaded photos of two of my favourites ~
Garrya Elliptica James Roof, and Clematis Cirrhosa Wisley Cream.
Well done on your first blog !

31 Jan, 2009


~Welcome to GOY Joeanne~
We are all suffering from lack of sun and warmth but until it arrives we chat and cheer each other up!
Spring is definitely on the way!

31 Jan, 2009


Hi Joeanne welcome to GOY. It is absolutely freezing out there today, but there are alot going on in the garden. My hands are very itchy too. But can only walk about for the moment. I too can't wait to get out there.
I look forward to seeing more photos of your garden soon.

31 Jan, 2009


I've read your blogs in the wrong order - sorry. Shall I welcome you again? Hope you enjoy GOY as much as I do! Camera out ASAP, please! We'd like a look at your garden! :-)

31 Jan, 2009


Welcome joeanne. Where in Devon are you? I'm a Devon lad but moved away well over thirty years ago

31 Jan, 2009


Welcome to GOY Joeanne, its a lovely site very friendly beware though you become hooked!!! :0)

31 Jan, 2009


Welcome,Joeanne.Think lots of people suffer either SAD or symptoms of is to some degree.Now the days are lengthening and bulbs showing,can feel folks moods lifting.As Spritz says..get that camera at the ready !

31 Jan, 2009


Welcome from "across the pond" also, Joeanne! This site will always supply something interesting. Have fun!

31 Jan, 2009


Hi Joeanne. It's nice to welcome new people to GOY. I hope you enjoy it.

1 Feb, 2009


A welcome from me to you, you will love being with us all, very happy bunch of people we are, when we sad there are always someone on this site to cheer us up, like everyone says spring is just round the corner.

1 Feb, 2009


Hello Joeanne, Ive not long joined GOY myself and like you
I wasn't sure what to do. I'm a bit of a technophobe, according to my 2 sons who love to laugh at my questions of how to do things online. But I've soon got in to it and can't believe what a great site it is. You seem to be doing well to me.You've done 3 or 4 blogs already. I've only managed one. Well done.This is a nice photo. I've put one on of similar crocus poking through the snow earlier this week.I'll look forward to seeing more of your blogs and some of your garden photos, Paul

7 Feb, 2009

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