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Chili and Peppers


By johnjoe


My First Starter Kit

It makes me laugh what you can grow from a seed growing starter kit.
I purchased a seed growing Kit from my local shop for a grand price of 3 euro, In the pack it contain a variety of different Chili and Pepper seeds. Of the varieties in the pack there were yellow peppers, chili jalapeƱos, sweet peppers, sweet pepper California wonder, Yolo wonder and chili cayenne, It was my first time growing and I had a great success in my greenhouse and these are now starting to fruit, I grew so many I had to give these to my neighbors, It make me happy when I go for my walk and see al the pepper and chili plants in my neighbors window sills and porches,

I would appreciate any tips from anybody who has growing these before

I was wondering can you cross pollinate pepper and chili plants?

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I have never grown them but your plants all look healthy

12 Jun, 2010


HI I have grown them for years, but have never thought to cross pollinate. they do like a feed of tomorite once a week though.

12 Jun, 2010


Thank you for your comment Donnah.

12 Jun, 2010


Thank you Tulsalady 26 for your tip.

12 Jun, 2010


They will do best if planted in pots of minimum 10" diameter. Only start feeding with liquid tomato feed once the fruits start forming, and I feed them every 2nd or 3rd day, not just once a week. If you bring your chillis indoors in Autumn, before the first frosts, you can, like me, keep getting fruit until end of January. Chillis are, really, perennial plants, and a friend has plants years old, and still producing chillis. I like to try different ones, however, so discard the plants end of january, and sow seed for new ones in February.

Could go on forever, lol! Check out the Goypedia pages on "chilli pepper" and "sweet peppers". You will now see the links to those pages, filled with pics, blogs and questions like this, displayed to the right of your blog, near the top, as "Featured on...". click on each tab to be taken straight to that page. Hope this helps!

12 Jun, 2010


Congratulations on growing these healthy peppers. Yeah, like me you sowed all your seeds when you started and had to give most of them away due to lack of space.
As for cross polinating - why would you want to? If you want a hot sweet pepper just add a chopped hot chillie to the sweet pepper recipe.
If you like a tipple with a kick and different, try chillie vodka. Wow! (see my blogs).
If you fancy growing the hottest chilli in the world send away for some Bhut Jolokia chillies. You can see folk on 'You Tube' eating these whole!
p.s. thanks for your comment on my bonsai Silver Birch. ;-)

20 Jun, 2010


Great looking Peppers Johnjoe! ....I wouldn't 'wonder' about cross it and see what happens. Anything you do with plants is always interesting and gardening never ceases to fascinate me.
Don't worry about using the's only a're the boss.

8 Jul, 2010


Hi I am trying to grow chillies in my balcony,just for fun.I slit open a few chillies 2 days ago and put them in an airtight jar with wet tissue.Theve swollen up but missing sprouts.How many days do they take so theyre ready to be shifted in a container?Also how many hours of sun does it need to produce chillie(Im doing this on my urban balcony,it gets around 3 hrs of sun per day).thnku.

3 Apr, 2013

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