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Big Ben is for the Chop


By johnjoe


After buying my starter kit I did not know what to expect as been a first time grower.It was not easy but enjoyable the battle with the greenfly, caterpillars, red spiders,and using the good tips from the members like spraying and hand washing the plants with soapy water (I WON Hoary Hoary)

To prove my success I would like to show you some photo of the end product. First Big Ben what a supper looking pepper.

I have decided that it was time for him to get the chop, followed by his cousin Mr Yolo pepper

And then Mr Californian pepper

And next has to be little Chili Cayenne

and finally Mr Jalepeno.

The big day I hope will take place this coming Wednesday 25th. If anyone has any suggestion about there consumption would be appreciated.

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If you are trying them all, best of luck Thursday morning :o)

22 Aug, 2010


Oh ek enjoy just take it easy on Friday lol :)

22 Aug, 2010


Well Done -they look really healthy plants and each with a great crop!

22 Aug, 2010


You can thread chillies up through the thick stem bases with needle and thread, to dry out. They look very decorative, hung up in the kitchen/greenhouse like this (known as "ristras", and you will get dried chillis, which can be kept like this, or worn down into flakes using the finest part of a grater, and stored in small jars/tubes. You can also slice, de-seed them, and freeze (same with sweet/bell peppers).

You will, of course, wear disposable gloves when doing anything with the chillis? And, even then, wash your hands thoroughly several times - and not, inadvetently, touch your face or eyes with a finger!! :-)))

Chillis are, really, perennial plants. I keep mine going indoors into January of the year after sowing them from seed, and then sow new plants, but a work colleague has a sunny porch and has chilli plants which are now 4 years-old, and still crop well. He makes a fantastic chilli bread (and not in a machine), which we often get to sample at work.

"Big Ben" looks large enough to cut off the top, de-seed, brush inside and out with olive oil, roast in the oven until softened and showing blackened patches on the outer skin, and "stuff" with savoury rice, or feta cheese, or anything you fancy!

Also, you can keep the seeds from any pepppers (chilli or sweet) and sow around February for free plants! But you must remember that growing several different varieties in the same place may lead to cross-pollination, so you won't always get what you want!

Well done, for getting so many lovely varieties to grow so well! ;-))

22 Aug, 2010


Thanks David for your comments I will take everything on board

24 Aug, 2010


You're welcome! Gosh! I did "go on" a bit, there, lol!

24 Aug, 2010

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