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By johnjoe


I was cleaning out my shed and I may tell you it needed it badly. In the process of clearing out I came across a old tool box which I got from British Firm called G&N Haden Eng, over 50 years ago. Down in the corner of the tool box I found a Irish Thrupennybit. The first thing I thought of was Thrupennybit lovely blog tilted, The Canals. I don’t know if ye in Britain had the same slang as we had for our coins as we used £,s,d before we went to euro. I will upload some Irish coins and compare the slang we had on or coins. This of course is only for us oldies who were around when we had £.s.d

First,, was 1/2 a crown, slang was 1/2 a Doller

Second,, was 2 Shillings, slang was 2 Bob

Third,, was 1 shilling, slang was 1/2 Bob

Forth,, was 6 pence, slang was Tanner

Fifth,, was 3 pence, slang was Thrupence or Thrupennybit

Sixth,, was Farthing, slang I will let you figger that one out for yourself

Seventh,, was 1 Penny, slang wing

Fight,, was ha’’penny, slang 1/2 wing

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Fascinating stuff! When I look at the old UK pennies, half-crowns and such like it's unbelievable that they weighed so much and we carted them about. But then I suppose we didn't have so many, well remember the time when it made a difference if you had 5 bob (5/- or 25p) to buy the meat for a meal or whether it was omelettes!

10 Apr, 2016


I remember the same slang for all the coins except the penny and 1/2penny.
reminds me of a joke/conundrum why is a dead horse like a child waiting for sixpence?
they both need the tanner!

10 Apr, 2016


Thanks Seaburngirl, love your joke.

11 Apr, 2016


Thanks Honeysuckle They were heavy and well designed , a tanner would bring you to the flicks,

11 Apr, 2016


I'm 48, I remember when I was a child going to buy crisps with a sixpence, I remember it was 2 1/2 p I think, and remember my grandad saying 10 bob piece. :-)

11 Apr, 2016


Daylily, I think your granddad might have said a 10 bob note. Money was hard to get in those days and If you had 10 bob note one could have a good weekend with it.

11 Apr, 2016


Hi Johnjoe ah yes OK, is that the equivalent to 50p now, doesn't even buy a bottle of milk now ! :-)

11 Apr, 2016


Mostly the same names John, our thru'penny bit was 12 sided. My mum had saved some silver thru'penny bits I think, in a little box in case they became valuable. Sadly they were spent so we never knew lol.

25 Apr, 2020


Hi June, nice to hear from you. Hope all are well on your side. In March I usually sow my Veg and flowers seeds for my plot in the community garden group . The sad think is we went on lockdown here and the council closed our allotments. so I have all these seedlings and no where to put them. Just a though Bottler is going over to the UK would you like me to give him some for you. Lol.

June, keep well and safe. God Bless You

26 Apr, 2020


Sorry John I'm self isolating otherwise I would love to see him:-)) My daughter's allotment is still open, I should think there would be more than enough space between people on an allotment or do you all work together? I'm doing everything to keep safe and I don't really get lonely with my three little dogs. It will be lovely to hug my family again and go to Citizens Advice where I was volunteering before all this, lets hope a working vaccine is found before too long. Apparently all countries in the world are working together to find one. At least our government will appreciate our NHS and care staff after this and pay accordingly. stay safe:-)

26 Apr, 2020

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