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I have only recently come to gardening, but I suppose I do come from a long line of gardeners and Gardners. If that makes sense.
My grandparents are both keen gardeners as are my Mum and my Dad, my Dad and myself being gardening Gardners.
I think gardening for me is something I do so I have somewhere nice to sit. Before owning my own house I really didn't worry about weeds and shrubs and green fly and cry over slugs, but now I feel completely different, almost obsessive. I'm not sure it's a good thing.
I now take great pleasure running round with the salt at night melting slugs to my hearts content, I recently bought a garden flame gun (that gives me no end of fire based pleasure) but in my beds i have to and can sometimes spend hours picking out the little tiny weeds that seam to perpetually infest my small little garden. I say small little garden it's about 6 by 4 metres so just over 24 metres square, plenty big enough.
I'm not going to say I'm a skilled gardener, because it's only in the last year that I've really discovered the joys and pains of gardening, (pains being the slugs, joys being the prevention and destruction of slugs, being a pyromaniac and having somewhere nice to sit of course)
It actually took quite a bit of work to sort my garden out, when I moved in it was a 7inch thick concrete slab with a palm tree growing out of one awful bed in the corner. Compare it to now and it's practically an oasis, a courtyard of calm and colour in an otherwise drab place.
I grow mainly Dahlia's as they so far have appeared easy to grow and have supplied me with many impressive sized flower heads, (I'm slightly obsessed by massive things) I am a member of the "National Dahlia Society" I have the feeling though reading the Winter Bulletin that it's for what appear die hard professional retired types who have all the time in the world to water and bug watch and steak and prune and top and all the other things that I don't understand, but who knows one day I could be a Dahlia Champion?

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