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Goodbye Autumn


By julien


My favourite season is almost over and so here are a few snaps that I have been taking recently, hope you enjoy.

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I can see why you like autumn, Julien - lovely snaps. My Cotinus is exactly the same colour as yours at the moment . great colour!

29 Nov, 2020


Such beautiful, fiery shades of Autumn. Lovely reminders of your favourite season.

29 Nov, 2020


photos are stunning. some lovely plants with autumn colour. what is the plant foliage in the first photo?

my P lutea also has seeds this year and aren't the stems a gorgeous pink.

29 Nov, 2020


Lovely Autumn colour Julien, but wish you had named them all! What is the second picture of? I probably know it, but just can't think of it at the moment! Senior moment! Hahaa!

29 Nov, 2020


All going out in glory; great photos. Very little colour in my space now, unless you count grey and black! Very cheering photos, Julien.

29 Nov, 2020


No wonder Autumn is your favourite! Its easy to forget to plan for Autumn colour.

29 Nov, 2020


Thank you for sharing, Julien. Beautiful depiction of Autumn indeed! Lots of pink hues noted. Beautiful berries and fantastic foliage of all shapes, sizes and colours!
I do love this time of year!

29 Nov, 2020


Lovely Autumnal shades in those photos . . . thanks for sharing them Julien.

29 Nov, 2020


Thanks to all of you for your kind words, the second one for Rosie is the burning bush, Euonymus alarums, and the first one for seaburngirl is, well I too am having one of those senior moments it’s swimming around in my head somewhere, the one name that it could be is a type of Rodgersia but I cannot be sure, it is a perennial and before the leaves unfurl it sends up long flower stalks which are pink, it is by a large pool, I have worked for this chap for eighteen years so I should know, I will try and see if he can recall the name.

Here is the list,

2.euonymus alarums the burning bush
4.Iris foetidisimis the stinking Iris
5.physallis Chinese lantern
6.Abutilon Kentish Belle
7.Tree peony seeds
9.Liriodendron the tulip tree
10. Ivy flowers
11. Liquidamber
12. Continue
14.fallen cherry leaves
16.Persicaria firecracker.

29 Nov, 2020


Whoops spelling error, what the heck alarums, should read Alatus for euonymus.

29 Nov, 2020


The missing plant name, Darmera peltata. For seaburngirl.

29 Nov, 2020


Such rich colours. Autumn is a beautiful season.

29 Nov, 2020


Thanks Julien! I shall keep a note of some of these!

30 Nov, 2020


Thanks for the names ... I had no idea that kolkwitzia had such pretty autumn colouring 🙂.

30 Nov, 2020


Absolutely stunning Julian, you have brightened my day, we are experiencing a really colourful autumn, lets face we sure need colour in our lives this year.... I'm adding to my favs for future reference as I too have senior moments more often than I'd like to admit, thankyou for naming and sharing..

2 Dec, 2020


Thanks lincslass, glad you liked them, colour is such an amazing thing and can lift our mood when we are down, my wife has been trying to strip the paint off her mums garage door, years and years of different colours, yellows blues greens reds and the rest, wow it looked a picture all those different colours, I just had to take some pictures of it much to her bemusement, it’s good she says but don’t think it would get in the Tate gallery ouch.

3 Dec, 2020

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