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World War Two history.


By julien


I am very fortunate in my job that I work and have worked for some interesting people, old folk are so interesting they have lived and have the story’s and I have been told some lovely ones as well as some very sad ones, a few weeks ago this chap who is not far off ninety eight came out of his shed with two old tins, then pulled out these bullets, he said they are from a Messerschmitt and a spitfire, the longer coil of bullets are from the Messerschmitt and the other from a spitfire, he lived on the coast near Sussex and was involved in the war but not in a fighting capacity, these bullets were got from downed planes that crash landed near to way he lived, I know it’s not about the garden but it’s quite interesting.

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Wow! Firstly...98!! What an age we can aspire to reach! Secondly, fantastic thing to share! As you say, Julien, very interesting indeed. Time to google!

1 Dec, 2020


I hope they have been 'defused' and are not still live ammo.

Back in the 70's my uncle did research interviews for the historian Peter Liddle, who is an expert re The Great War. My uncle used to listen to old Tommy's recollections. He would relate some of them to me but as I was a young teenager he did edit some of the more horrific aspects. Very interesting to hear about your gentleman Julien.

1 Dec, 2020


I've recently 'discovered' a construction in woodland a few miles from here that was used for practice prior to D-Day. We are not far from Sandhurst and the Military Academy

1 Dec, 2020


Old war relics - they give a sense of how devastating it really was and for those who lived through it - their lives changed forever. The war was before my time, but if it had not happened, I wouldn't be at all. I wonder if that ammo is still live? What do you think Julien? Could they be dangerously unstable in a semi-derelict state?

1 Dec, 2020


Yes some old people are very interesting and have so much to tell.
I worked with old people for many years and could write a book on the things they talked about.

2 Dec, 2020


Well Julien, it makes a change from weeding!
I wonder what if felt like to discover all those bullets near your home- it is the first time I've seen a close up of bullets before and was amazed at how big they are - gets the imagination working overtime!

This blog makes me wonder how many of us do have memories or artifacts from the war?

2 Dec, 2020


Thanks Kate, he tells me the secret of longevity is to always keep busy and to not spend too much time sitting, can you believe it he plays a round of golf nine holes most mornings.

Thanks seaburngirl, that’s very interesting, the bullets are totally live, he saw many aircraft that were blown to bits and like most old folk he has told me the same story’s many times but each time he tells me with great enthusiasm , one story that he saw the pilot from a Messerschmitt waving to him as smoke billowed from his tail , closely followed by two spitfires.

That sounds really interesting Andrew, might be worth getting a metal detector round there.

Thanks Bathgate yes like I’ve said very live, he keeps saying he should take them in to the local police station.

Thanks hywell, yes I agree I have always said the same that I could write a book, I do have some wonderful stories.
Thanks yorklass yes I agree, just holding them bullets is a surreal feeling, I have so many fantastic stories from over in France, we have a holiday home over there deep in resistance country, and just down the road is where Violette zarbo was captured.

2 Dec, 2020


Oh I love a bit of history, I think someone should take those to a military museum, nothing against the gentleman keeping them but I think its illegal to have them if they are live and lets face it probably dangerous...He sounds a right character, I love listening to stories from those days..
Andrew I remember watching a programme last winter all about places such as you have mentioned, it was not far from Sandhurst, in woodland , fascinating programme, I'm now wondering if it was the same place....

2 Dec, 2020


Lincs - it probably was. The whole area to the north of Sandhurst is woodland, mainly Crown Estate (which the public have access to), or MOD land (which they don't).

A local historian has discovered there are redoubts there, built nearly 200 years ago for military exercises. These would have been built in many parts of the country near military bases, but as this is effectively undeveloped land, they still exist and are now probably unique in the UK.

2 Dec, 2020


I like Kate am amazed at someone living to the grand old age of 98! And , yes ..he is right to say keeping busy keeps you young! He is also very lucky not to have arthritis and being able to play golf at his age!
As this ammo is live, is it safe then Julien! I hope he takes it in soon!

3 Dec, 2020


Thanks Rosie, I am going to give him another reminder.

3 Dec, 2020

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