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I really shouldn't have done it...


…but it was pouring rain again and I couldn’t just sit there and watch that b****y weed creeping closer!

The habit has to be fed and, ‘should anything drastic become necessary, I can always move them in time’, was my reasoning – or lack of it, as the case may be…

So I took myself off to see Monsieur B (my favourite pepinièriste) who was quite sober this morning, which helped a lot – as he told me how to go about making my ‘neighbour complaint’ about you know what.

Feeling more buoyant (and it was so wet that I literally was), I set to buying things – not with a clear plan, but with a few half-baked ideas about transforming the ENTIRE garden. Well, I have been confined to quarters for a while now!

So here it is, as it stands at the moment. This is the ‘African’ garden, as it was. But, that sad heap of stuff on the right is what used to make it ‘African’…pretty awful, you’ll agree…

So, since there are already figs, grapes, kiwis and persimmons in that area…I thought, why not move most of what’s left (and there isn’t much) and create a mini fruit garden!

So, these are the goji berries (three of these) – very pretty fruits and flowers…

…gooseberry – ‘captivator rouge’ (designed to go among other plants)…

…redcurrant – ‘red lake’… (with one or two currants on)…

…and a choke-berry (not from today – a supermarket casualty from earlier in the week), which is what started me thinking…

Just a blackcurrant or a couple of blueberries to get and that’s that raised bed done…except for the stone cladding and the little path along the front, that is…!

So, now on to the pond…I’ve never been happy with it – it’s just too bare! So, I’ve decided to dig up most of the grass (it’s poor anyway as it gets too much sun – well, normally anyway!) and plant it up.

So, to creep around the stones, there’s


arabis ‘corbeille d’argent’…

delosperma cooperi (bright magenta flowers, spreads like mad)…

sempervivum (freebies – always good))…

…and sedum spurium rouge…

Oh! And a little floater for the pond itself – salvinia natans (does exactly what it says on the tin, then dies in winter)…

Then, I had to think about filling up behind, so I got a selection of sun-lovers…

lupins, ‘Le Gentilhomme’ (purple and red)

paeonies lactiflora rouge…

monarda, rouge

…and agapanthus bleu…

Then there’s the other supermarket casualties – weigela (Bristol ruby), spiraea and Siberian dogwood – but I’ll show you those when they’ve recuperated a bit more.

Oh – and I couldn’t resist a lovely wee Kilmarnock willow…but, he’s bringing that on Monday as I couldn’t get it in the car!!

I just couldn’t resist this solanum jasminoides (bleu pâle). Loved the colour of the leaves…but not sure if they’ll stay like that…

…and I’ve no idea why he talked me into this ivy – he could tell that my resistance was low!

Which is why I succumbed to these heucheras as well…

‘Fire chief’, ‘electric lime’, ‘caramel’ and ‘blanche/peurpre’

None of them for this part of the garden…so already moving onto the next!!!

Then just as I was leaving, these caught my eye…

Tibouchina and Cuphea ignea rouge.

Soooo….now…I’ve just got to lift the surving palms and yuccas and pot them up…and that’s the sun terrace sorted too (assuming that we’re actually going to get some sun sometime)!

Which just leaves the kitchen garden, the fern garden and the new layout of the big side garden…not much left to do then! lol!

I really hope those goji and choke berries are ready soon – I think I might be needing the energy….!

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You've got lots to do, but all those plants will look great :o) Good luck !
I hope your neighbour listens when you make the complaint.
And I hope you get some nicer weather soon ....

29 Apr, 2012


Hi Karen...
I hope you get the neighbour problems sorted.
Great variety of plants there ... lots of rain here too ..
Have fun with the planting ! :o)

29 Apr, 2012


Certainly plenty to be getting on with then. Great selection of plants, especially the fruit bushes. Hope you will soon be able to get it done, can't wait to see what it looks like.

29 Apr, 2012


Thanks Hywel...neighbours - who'd have 'em, eh? Did you ever get yours sorted out, Terra?

Might be able to get out there for bit today - at least the rain makes the digging easier :)

29 Apr, 2012


Thanks, Cinders - I'm now looking at the frost damage as a 'happy accident' !

I think I like the new plan better than the old one :)

29 Apr, 2012


Do you also buy plants from supermarkets as an act of charity? For the plants, not the supermarket..... Me too. Good luck with the reorganisation!

29 Apr, 2012


Thanks, Penny....I think we all do that, don't we - the poor things deserve a chance :)

29 Apr, 2012


Bulk buying,K!!!! Those will have a spectacular impact! I can tell your "fight" is returning!!:0))))

29 Apr, 2012


Shh! Don't tell N, J...blew the budget!!! :)))))

29 Apr, 2012


Your a great writer lol.
As for the garden next door issue I have to say
Ide be tempted to cover the dividing fence with a climber.

29 Apr, 2012


Hi Karen, I love that line about being literally more buoyant! :))) made me lol. Great projects to keep you busy and out of trouble there. I just love tibouchina. I used to grow one in the conservatory, but nothing lasts long in holiday and it's all dead from over-heating! I might get another one some day. When I saw you had bought a 'few' plants I wondered if you'd managed to get them all in the car....looks like you almost did! :))

29 Apr, 2012


Mums the word.We girls have to stick together.!!! "Croc shoes" might just give you the required edge with which to handle the owner of the dreaded JKW!!!!!

29 Apr, 2012


I've got lovely neighbours Karen. There's only one person in this road I'm not too keen on. All the others are quite nice. I'm very lucky :o)
(But there's one house for sale. I hope someone nice buys it, or they won't fit in around here.)

29 Apr, 2012


Hi Karen ... not really ... I'm thinking of moving into Hywel's road.. Lol. ;o)

29 Apr, 2012


You're very lucky, Hywel. I used to have lovely neighbours in the last house - it makes a huge difference.

Race you to that house in Hywel's road, TT! lol! ;)

Thank you's being with my friends here that keeps me sane (yes, I know, that's questionable! lol!)

I'm useless with indoor plants, Karen...although, if the tibouchina is successful, I'll try to turn over a new leaf lol! And I did try to get them all into the car - if it had not been raining so hard the willow would have been sticking out of the passenger window!!

I got a funny look from the neighbour's son-in-law, when I was out, J...I think they might all have read my letter...

29 Apr, 2012


I love the fruit garden idea Karen...Keep an eye on the Goji though it too can be a bit rampant...plant it as near to the neighbour as you can ;))

29 Apr, 2012


Lol. Pim ;o)

29 Apr, 2012


It would be lovely to have you as a neighbour TT :o))

29 Apr, 2012


looking great there Karen loads of lovely plants to keep you busy too, although i'm not a ivy lover they do a good coverage job... great job.

29 Apr, 2012


LOL, Pim :D

Thanks SL - I'm not at all sure why I took the's not even a very nice one...and I've got no idea where to put it!

It could probably give the dreaded JKW a run for its money though...along with the gojis! ;)

29 Apr, 2012


What a really nice selection. Love the look of that last little sedum and of course Paeonies my favs!!!! The floating plant for your pond has a nice texture to the leaves. Is that Lysimachia the trailing 'creeping jenny' one. I have tried to find that here but after visiting 6 GCs I've given up!! I've got two crappy looking ivys but they are for pots and they do a job!!!
Looking forward to seeing all your hard work :)

29 Apr, 2012


Started today, Scottish, and now feel about 103 years old - don't know if I'll be able to move tomorrow!!

Everything which starts with 'fallopia' has had the chop and is no longer welcome in this garden! Start as you mean to go on, I say.

That is 'creeping jenny', Scottish...maybe someone who has it could send you some. I will - but we'll have to wait until it has crept a bit!

29 Apr, 2012


OMG! Youw erent kidding when you said youw ere ona shopping spree! lol
Great plants! what a work! good on ya..up the Socts!

30 Apr, 2012


I know where I want to start, Pixi...there's just all this 'tidying up' to do first! And that's not just in the garden! lol!

30 Apr, 2012


Sorry about the "creeping jenny" Scottish, I finally got rid of it a few months back. I am sure someone will have a bit for you. If not look in pre made hanging baskets at the supermarkets, it is forever turning up in them.

30 Apr, 2012


Monsieur B being quite sober made me smile, that and the buoyant quip! Budget well spent this month ;O))

30 Apr, 2012


Lol! Overspent is closer to the mark, Annie...and he had the pleasure of my company again this morning!!! :)))

30 Apr, 2012


Good shopping trip Karen, hope the weather settles so you can get planting...

2 May, 2012


like the middle of summer here today...

2 May, 2012


Have done more since then, Lincs (shock, horror) ;)))

Beautiful days yesterday and today, Pim...but, I'm not tempting fate by saying a word.............!

2 May, 2012


...I think that it would be the same here, HB...couldn't do without my wee yellow peril...! my defence...I did have a lot of holes to fill... ;)

(btw - have just bought a load of seeds in an effort to stop the haemorrage of money to Monsieur B's nursery! lol!)

31 May, 2012


Hmm, yes...just need the green house now...! :)

31 May, 2012


I've got just under a month to keep spending, HB... ;))))

31 May, 2012



31 May, 2012

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