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The state of the garden today...


I’ve been really busy over the last couple of days…bindweed patrol, planting…and moving things – again!!!

Anyway, things are beginning to look a lot better after this April’s revamp…

The pond area is beginning to fill out…

If you’re wondering what that is, hanging on the well, there…it’s a bag of poisoned bindweed. It has found its way up between the concrete and the cladding…!!!

The outside of the pergola is nice and green…

And the grapes are doing well. These are table grapes, but it’s looking like it’s going to be a good year for wine too!

Inside, it’s getting really shady…just what’s needed since the sun came out…phew!!

And some of the borders are looking almost okay…

Not many flowers yet, though…

This is what it looks like through the new arch, now…

The roses are in bud again.

Spot the heaps of dying bindweed by the arch…

This is the top end border…

I’ve tried to something about the grass…but I missed the window of opportunity in spring…it’ll just have to wait until September. It’ll be dried to a crisp by then, anyway…

Here are a few flower pics…

…and the beginnings of ratatouille…!

Well, not quite there yet, but, that leaves room for plenty more Happy Mondays! lol!

Going away to see my family next week…just for a few days…it’s Roo’s first birthday!

See you all when I get back! :)

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I can hardly believe the transformation, you have done loads!!! i love that arch.

24 Jun, 2012


It all looks so good - what a difference from when you first came home a few months ago.
Everything is all coming along nicely. Your blooms are looking spectacular! Is that top one Monarda? Not that it matters - the colour is beautiful :) I've planted Monarda and it isn't even showing signs of forming a bud yet!!
Hope you have a great time with the family and it's amazing how fast that first year has went.
Those veggies will be much bigger when you return :))
I think you did say you were coming to Scotland....I do hope the weather gets better for you. Pack the wellies!!!!
Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy :)))))

24 Jun, 2012


Everything looks really lovely Karen, so nice to see someone has got some sunshine too :) Although we've had some today for a change.

24 Jun, 2012


The monarda is stunning I agree Scottish...It's all turning out well.

24 Jun, 2012


Hi Karen ..
Garden looking fab...
... and that bindweed bag adds a definite artistic touch ;o)

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks everyone!!

I thought it would be a bit further on by now...Susie, but we've not had the weather either, up until the last few days...still chilly in the mornings!!

The arch roses are in bud, Sticki...and I haven't seen the one on the left, yet. Let's hope they're still in bloom when I get back!

Hi Scottish and Pim! The monarda was just a wee thing when I put it in. Seems to like it there! I actually wrote the name of this on in my list...can't remember what it is though!!

Is it not a good forecast, Scottish...will I need a cardi as well...or a jacket, even?

Lol, Terra! It's a nouvelle slant on the "hanging basket"... ;)

24 Jun, 2012


Lol. Karen... and happy birthday to Roo :o)

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks, Terra :))

Same day as Yorkshire's, I seem to remember...

So Happy Birthday Yorkshire, next week - if you read this! :)

24 Jun, 2012


Have an enjoyable time away.
I like your arch. It's very nice.
Sorry to hear you've got lots of bindweed. It's horrendous. It was in my father's garden and it choked everything it got hold of. I hope you'll be able to keep it under controll.

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks Hywel! :)

I've got a very good bindweed killer...'s just that I've got about 30 years worth to get rid of!!

24 Jun, 2012


Was the Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet' or 'Fireball'? the only red ones I know. :)

Have a good trip K.

24 Jun, 2012


Just checked the forecast for up your way for the next 5 days....Monday and Tuesday sun and showers, Wed,Thur and Frid...Rain - sorry :(
It's still quite warm though. Only wearing a T-shirt during the night at work - so not all bad!....I don't mean ONLY a t-shirt but you know what I mean :))
You could of course bring the sunshine with you and drop some off here at Newbridge on your way past!!!!

24 Jun, 2012


All looking really good after your hardwork Karen. I have bindweed too, but I hopefully keep on top of it now. Occasionally a piece gets away.

24 Jun, 2012


30 year's worth ! lol Well good luck !

24 Jun, 2012


Such improvements to you garden, I think you have done really well, not at all easy living where you are, we have friends near Cognac out in the countryside and they have had a devil of a job to get a garden started and keep it going, well done to you, I love it (it's France, so of course I do!!)

24 Jun, 2012


Loving your garden as well Karen, especially Apollo ;) Nigel should be increasing your budget, and you can tell him I said so!
Enjoy time with the family and your holiday!!!

24 Jun, 2012


Looking good, KF! Did you know you've got a semi-naked bloke (a bit pale) lurking in your garden? That shaded bit with the table and chairs is very inviting.
Have a great time back in the UK - by the time you get back, those skinny little courgettes will be HUGE! :o)

25 Jun, 2012


Hi Pim! you're right - it's Cambridge Scarlet...I didnt realise just how beautiful it is, until I saw it close up like this :))

Thanks J! It was a sad, empty, soggy mess, wasn't it? I wonder if Nigel will notice that the garden fairies have been at work? ;)) gave me a fright there, Scottish...I had visions of you working in your night "shift"!
Thanks for the tips, packing today...will pm you.;)))

Thanks Cinders! You can't see it in the photo, but there's some London Pride just beginning to come away in the border just in front of the steamer chairs...thank you :))

Cinders and Hywel, I've got this really good bindweed killer, made by Scotts for the French market. It's called Anti-Bindweed Umupro and it's 100g/l 2,4 D (dimethylamine salt). I just go through everything, being very careful, with a small spray. When you've got as much as me, you have to keep at it...but it's very effective. I just love watching it shrivel! lol! :)

Hi Dotty! I'm not so far from Cognac. It is really beautiful around here and life is good! Have you not thought of repatriating yourself? Of course, it has its down sides...everything wants to return to nature... ;))

Hi Lil! Thanks! And, don't you worry...I'll get him told! ;))))

Hi, Gatti! He's given me a fright on more than one occasion, I can tell you...I'm only away for five days, altogether...let's hope Nigel remembers to water them all!!! :))

25 Jun, 2012


I just hope Nigel doesn't do what my OH does to me when I come back to the UK for a few days and he's left holding the fort - up to 4 expensive 'phone calls a day asking "What's supposed to be happening to this little yellow creeping jobbie in front of the pink rose by the lilies?" or "How often do I need to water the tubs? should I be feeding anything? What liquid feed should I be using?" or the worst - "I'm weeding the big bed, and there's this little plant and I'm not sure if it's a weed.........How much weedkiller to a watering can of water?"

25 Jun, 2012


The garden is looking lovely Karen and how wonderful to see that blue sky. I have real 'Pot envy' Lol x

25 Jun, 2012


Lol! Gatti...Nigel just shoots some water in the general direction of the plant, you know...kind of casual-like, with one hand in his pocket...the pots don't stand a chance...if they're above eye-level, he'll miss them, and if their on the is all the compost!!!

Aw, thanks Annie...
...when are you coming to sort out my lawn?!?! x

25 Jun, 2012


We were going to move 5 years ago and our youngest daughter became pregnant , so that was that!! then went on to have another, and now our second daughter is moving south to join the happy gang, so no chance, just have to enjoy our hols in France.

25 Jun, 2012


Your garden looks wonderful Karen.
Hope you get lots of nice weather now to enjoy it :-)

25 Jun, 2012


That's the difficult bit, Dotty...
I'm just on my way back to the UK today to see my family. It's my grandson's first birthday, tomorrow and I do miss seeing him. Happy Holidays, though!

Thanks Willi! I hope it's not too nice for the next few days, though...! :)

26 Jun, 2012


Sorry K, I missed's lovely. I love your pond and your pergola especially! Everything is coming on well and you seem to be getting on top of the weed issue.....looks so 'warm' out there!! :D

30 Jun, 2012


the garden is looking fab karen and you have done so much, its beautifull :o))

6 Jul, 2012


Thanks girls!!'s not warm...

...away to sunnier climes for 5 days - but the forecast is for rain here, so all should be okay!!

7 Jul, 2012

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