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A "potted" history of summer 2012!


I’ve not been here a lot, recently…what with communication (!) problems when I was in Nigeria…

…and lots of rejoining with friends and family since I got back…

…so, the garden is an absolute disaster!

But, there’s been some (lots) of fun…and the garden will recover next year…

Everything was going okay until this little man appeared…


As you can see, he definitely meant “business”…
…so I knew that it wouldn’t be easy…

The ducklings were apprehensive too…

But he soon won them over…

…with crab sticks and the French equivalent of rich tea biscuits…

Such a good boy!

But, more sartorial matters awaited…

…like, which hat to wear???

…there are loads of disadvantages to the favourite flower pot…you just don’t know where you’re going!!!

Ruaridh! That’s not a bagpipe!!

See?? You have to listen to your grannie…

Whilst he was here, he was full time, bless him…

But I did manage a couple of garden photos…

Sorry to all my friends here,with whom I haven’t been in touch for a long time…I hope you now know why…

Little ones and tornados are kind of the same…except…you get “pay-out” on tornado mayhem! lol! ;D

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Karen - he's absolutely gorgeous! I just adore that fourth picture!

15 Sep, 2012


This made me chuckle, so gorgeous and they grow so fast, this time is gone before we know it. As you say the garden will be there when you are ready. I love that iris?

15 Sep, 2012


It's just wonderful, Mel...
...and it's coming your way soon! :)))

15 Sep, 2012


An adorable little man isnt he. Lovely Karen

15 Sep, 2012


I wasn't ready to be a grannie, Denise...
...daughter only just made it out of her teens before Ruaridh was born...

...but my grannie said, "Bairns are sent to us for a reason..."

And, I think she was right!!

But, it's not an's a canna! :)))

15 Sep, 2012


He's adorable, Cinders...

...well...most of the time! lol! :DD

15 Sep, 2012


Oh LOl,Karen..he is so cuddly and lovely..great pics of him ,and I'm glad he wasn't completely in the buff...a hat and his the bagpipes protecting his Modesty ! :o))

15 Sep, 2012


Thats a nice thought Karen.
I did not think it was really an Iris, but could not think what else it could be. Never seen a calla quite so pretty as that one.

15 Sep, 2012


What a lovely little boy! Thanks for sharing :)

15 Sep, 2012


Life must be very dull without him. we had our two here for a fortnight and we were exhausted but do miss seeing them growing up. Skype is good but not quite the same.

15 Sep, 2012


So .... now you run a nudist colony? Excuse my ignorance, but how on earth do you pronounce that gorgeous little lad's name?

16 Sep, 2012


I asked that too Nariz..I hadn't a clue! Karen said to call him Roorie :o)

16 Sep, 2012


I think it's called "Monde des rose", has beautiful variegated leaves, too, which was what attracted me to it. Not sure yet how tall it gets, yet, though. I'll find out next year. :)

Carefully chosen shots, Bloomer...Don't want to embarrass him when he's a! :)

Thanks Karen! I've had a lovely time with him and his mummy. They were here for a month...and the time just whizzed by! Got nothing else done though... :)

Life is certainly going to be quiet without him, you say, Skype's not quite the same. They'll be back at Christmas though...and what with Nigel coming home today for a few weeks, that gives me just enough time to recover!

Oh, Nariz...I think he became feral whilst he was here. He liked his birthday suit so much that he figured out how to remove his nappies - and did, his mummy's horror! :)

That's right, Bloomer...pronounced, "RRRoooarrreee", (with a French "rrr") by himself, lol! :)))

16 Sep, 2012


Hi J and thanks!
It certainly is...I'm exhausted and quite happy to let the garden have a rest now

But, today...I have to go and get the shopping in before collecting N from the airport this's still all go!

Speak later, when things slow down (how often have I said that this year???) xxx

16 Sep, 2012


great blog Karen, i remember my two girls with the pots when they were young :-) love the Canna and that bee shot, take it easy and recover :-)

16 Sep, 2012


You have to get your priorities right don't you, and make the most of every moment you can get with them :o) He looks like a bundle of fun ... :D

16 Sep, 2012


I nearly missed this blog Karen, busy time here as well so not around much at the moment,( Goy with coffee breaks), your grandson is a gorgeous little lad, my handsome lad is 12yrs old now but I still get to spend time with him, he hasn`t outgrown me yet, lol, I love the pics of Roorie playing with his hats and bagpipes, obviously he is very happy playing with his new toys, no need for expensive treats for him and he`s even saved his clothing, lol....

3 Oct, 2012


Hi folks! I'm sorry I missed your lovely comments. News disappears from the board if you don't keep looking.

Thanks SL! They grow up too quickly don't they?

You're so right Hywel! It's when the next generation come along that you realise how precious and fleeting those early years are. He is a wonderful wee boy...well, most of the time...! lol!

Hi Lincs! I hope you've had a good summer and fun with your big boy! It doesn't seem that long since my own wee boy was happy playing with pots...whilst sitting in the clothes basket! Couldn't even stuff him into one now! I expect I'll blink and Roo will be the same...all the more reason to enjoy these happy times...Especially whilst he's light on the washing load! lol!

3 Oct, 2012

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