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It's not looking too bad after all!


Well, I finally got around to cutting the grass today…well, I use the term “grass” euphemistically…because, although there are some tuffets of the real stuff in there, it’s really just a lot of bare patches with more and more weeds joining the dots.

Anyway, I cut it…and, suddenly, everything looked better than I ever thought it would – considering that nearly everything was either moved or newly planted last year.

Please try to ignore the “grass”!!!

A view from the outside corner of the new garden room…pond problems in hand…oh, and the snails!

Same view-point towards the pergola…we had a new path laid – same tiles as the garden room (for an indoors outdoors feel?) The big blue pot is not a permanent feature – it belongs in the pergola…but, it takes more than one man to lift it – so it stays there until OH comes home.

Do note that the breeze blocks have still not been rendered…that, like the “grass” has been postponed, again…because, “builders, bye-bye…see you when I’ve had a wee rest!”.

This is looking up the big garden towards Apollo. Gosh! It was almost empty last year!

And this is one of my favourite places…sun-bathing corner. There’s a surfeit of pots, at the moment – but, they’re awaiting men! Just like the big blue pot!

This is what Apollo sees…

…and this is the view from the garden gate…garden room looking VERY new…and needing to weather a bit…

Some of you may remember how desolate it all looked last year, when we came back from Africa…and I had “strapping young lad” in to cut all those (ahumph) “lawns”…lol!

So, for me…it’s not looking too bad, after all!

…as for that “grass”…it has been an issue every year…

…I’ve thought about doing something clever with cobbles…but, it can get sooo hot here and I don’t want more sun bouncing back off stone!

There’s something about cool green grass…

So, at the end of this season, I’ve decided to call in the professionals! Maybe even artificial turf!!

What do you think???

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Looking very different this year Karen, with a few of the old features. An improvement I must say, you have been very busy and it is paying off. Love it, especially the garden room.

16 Jun, 2013


Thank you so much, Cinders :)

It has changed, hasn't it?

I am really, really, tired of having to recuperate and re-vamp the, I'm very, very, happy to see it doing it's own thing - at last!

16 Jun, 2013


Nice too see you back :)
What a difference a year makes, I can remember when you planted that circle out last year.
Loving your garden room, that must be a very useful room.
Astroturf is getting very popular now.
What have you done with the young man? Have you scared him off ;)

16 Jun, 2013


Hello Angie...nice to see you too :)

I love my garden room...and my "establishing itself" garden.

Alas..."strapping young lad" has become a "man" and so, has other fish to fry these days...

He and his dad did build the garden room, though...and blooming well!! :))

16 Jun, 2013


It is now a garden to give you lots of joy instead of lots of work so sit back in all that sunshine and just enjoy it! We have looked at ours through rain and drizzle for 2 days now so I am very envious!!!

16 Jun, 2013


Oh, Wildrose, thank you :)

...I am surprised and pleased with the progress :)

...but, it is much the same here, lots of drizzle...although blooming hot, in the periods of sunshine...

...perfect growing conditions...the weeds are loving it! lol!

I've never measured it, J...but, I think it might be deceptively large...
Apollo's domain must be around 20m x 5m, or more, probably...

You've got to love Apollo...he does the same thing for me.

16 Jun, 2013


Your garden looks interesting. I'm sure the lawn will perk up in time. It's new yet, and you can't rush plants :o)

16 Jun, 2013


Your garden looks great, our lawns can look like yours when its very dry but they always recover once the weather changes. Over here some do water their lawns to keep them looking green but I do think very green grass looks odd in dry conditions. An artificial lawns can look great but again can seem odd in drought conditions.

16 Jun, 2013


It looks great Karen. I think if it were mine, the grass would need to go. I take your point about the reflective gravel...wonder what slate would be like...very cool I should imagine, but no idea if you can get it in those parts! Artificial turf......hmmm.....;) the grey gravel I. My front is very cool...not so great in Scotland, but might work well there! I went to Marrakech for my birthday March..did a blog about the Jardin Majorelle...that wonderful blue features very highly'd love it! They use a lot of raked gravel there too. Sorry, I'm not being very encouraging about the grass...but a lawn is such hard work at the best of times...(mine is full of coarse grass that grows out instead of up!), but I do like a lawn...perhaps starting from scratch with new turf would work?

16 Jun, 2013


Thanks Hywel...I'm sure you're right
...but, I can't help stressing over it! :)

You make a very good point there, Denise. These two big circles might end up looking like helicopter landing pads, lol! Might just work around the pond, though...?

I've just had a look at your blog, Karen. I've never heard of the artist either...and I went to art college. My, does he do mountains well...and gardens! One of my little gardens at the old house was very Moroccan, with mozaic tiles and that blue - hence the blue pot in the photo.
But, please don't put ideas like that into my head, lol...I'd have to rip all the borders out and start again with all these fabulous exotics...which die on me in the winter! ;)

Slate might work, up the side there, though...and wouldn't involve too much upheaval. I've seen it in small bags at the bigger garden centres...think I'll do a bit of research...

17 Jun, 2013



17 Jun, 2013


Hi Karen ..
Garden looking good ..
I'll be interested to know what you decide to do about the grass ... :o)

17 Jun, 2013


I think being born and bred in Scotland you are used to lovely lush grass. No matter where I've been in the world no lawns or grasses compare!
We all wait to see what you decided.

17 Jun, 2013


Thanks Terra and Scottish :)

I think it may be a while though...just found that artificial grass is almost 50€ per m2...excluding all the glues and other accoutrements!

Found a couple of suppliers of "big-bags" of slate, relatively for thought...

You're right about Scottish grass, Scottish. I planted Gazon Anglais around the pond in the vain hope of getting some of that lushness. It's fine in the rain...but, it's just too fine to cope with the sun.

18 Jun, 2013


Looks like the grass might go eventually, don't seem exactly ecstatic about it..! ..and such a lot of hard work for you..get rid,and sit yourself down in one of those deserve a bit of 'me time' this week.. Hope the chairs haven't floated away as well !..only downside I can think of,is where will Roo play when he comes? little knees and gravel just don't mix !

18 Jun, 2013


karen its come on in leaps and bounds since last year, i remember you doing it, the pond is looking fab and seems to have been there longer, aslo the planting is settled in nicely, looks great ;o)

18 Jun, 2013


I agree Sandra, looking quite the mature garden now and very pretty:-))

18 Jun, 2013


Oh, no, Bloomer...another!
...but, whatever happens, it'll still be there for Roo this year. After that, he might prefer the swimming pool - like his mum...decking there...much easier on grannies and little knees! ;)

Thank you San and Ba :)
I'm really quite pleased with the way it's all filling out... ...just a few tricky areas to get to grips with and then I should be able to relax -a! ;)

19 Jun, 2013


It looks like its been hard work and why not just try liquid feed the grass now you dont have to walk on it so much?
You never know a good weed and feed may give you a really nice grass area?.

Well done i know you've done most of it on your own,
girl power's still here.

22 Jun, 2013


Thanks, Dungy :))

I've already been speaking to Mr. Bluteau, our local paysagiste...and we're coming up with a plan for the autumn. Just going to let him do all the hard work this time.

29 Jun, 2013

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