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SOS Meadowland!


Hallo peeps!

OH has been home for a few days…and…we’ve been getting a LOT done!! So, to my friends, with whom, I’ve not been in touch…I apologise…

I will be…soon…honest! :))

But, this is an urgency!!!

Meadowland, this is the first patient…

…there are only five stems…

…thanks to the koi…who will be re-homed tomorrow

The pictures are not great…but you can see that the tuber is huge…despite the constant grazing…

Do I cut, J? And if so…where??

Lots of love,

Madame Clueless xxx

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Just remember to come back this time Ms Clueless!!!!!

26 Jun, 2013


Oh dear, K.....I wouldn't cut any of it, if as you say, the tuber is large.Replant it in aqua soil and be may not see a great deal of growth this season.x
Agree with Annie, don't disappear again!!!

26 Jun, 2013


Lol! Not planning to, Annie or J! :))) x

Thanks J, I will just re- plant it, then. We're down to a horrible soup now...have begun to return the pumped out water to the pond...until tomorrow...

...fished out one wee fishy, so far...

...that's how murky it :/ xx

26 Jun, 2013


That looks a bit sinister,Karen..alien like:o) good luck x

27 Jun, 2013


Glad you found a new home for the Koi! :))

27 Jun, 2013


The pônd is a stinking, fetid, slimy hole at the moment...

...but, the koi and a few goldfish are in the paddling pool! yay!!! :)))

Have scooped out loads of slime - but, I can't get to it taking the path of least resistance (no help this morning)...putting fresh water in one end whilst pumping out green stuff at the other...hope it works...

27 Jun, 2013


And I've just eaten my breakfast!!!!! LOL

27 Jun, 2013


Me too..!!..What a fun time you are having :o)..would offer to help ,but...

27 Jun, 2013


Ooops! Sorry about that, girls! lol!!

Nearly lunchtime here...and I'm definitely not having that sorrel and watercress soup... ;)))

I can see the bottom now, J and it looks more like silt than slime. Would it be okay to leave some of that?

27 Jun, 2013


See, this is why I have no fish in my pond....they poo soooooo much!

27 Jun, 2013


We didn't,K......Removed every bit of slime and whatever was in there!!! It's a mucky job,but you will be so pleased you have done it.x

27 Jun, 2013


Too late, :/

I got out as much as I could...But, the pond is almost a metre deep will sloping sides so I couldn't actually get to it all... I let it get as low as possible (with the pump still running) and added fresh water, stirring! lol! Did that all morning, then I had to re-fill. But, I did add the aquasafe...and it's looking pretty good - so far...

It's clear...but with a blueish tinge. But, I think it might always be a bit blue because of all the limestone rocks I added at the same time? x

I left myself with a few little fishes, Karen...couldn't bear to part with them all...and my big mud-eater. Maybe he'll be able to do his job now that the merde-makers have gone! ;)

29 Jun, 2013

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