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Down the Expressway (with a paddle!)


Yesterday we went to Victoria Island for the day. The weather was lovely and we lingered over a long lunch in the Ocean View Hotel. After a spot of shopping it was time to go home.

We made our way home, slowly, along the congested expressway and eventually reached our exit road only to find…

…it had been raining!!!

We had no choice but to…

‘…follow that bus!’

‘After you…!’

Some enterprising boys had constructed a bridge…

‘Bridge toll, 50 Naira! No high heels, please!’

‘Phew!!! This is getting really hard work!’

OOPS! Should have used the jetski!’

’Don’t follow THAT bus!!’

‘Told you!!!’

NOW look what you’ve done!!!

And where was the scene of all this chaos???

Just outside this building…

Perhaps that should read, ‘The Lord RAINETH Plaza’!!!!!

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LOL! Omg looks awful! guess you got home eventually or are you sending this from and Iphone lol :)

23 Nov, 2011


Heehee! Who was it said that the rainy season is over??? :)

23 Nov, 2011



23 Nov, 2011


And the moral of the story is...'should've gone by boat!' lol!

23 Nov, 2011


oh dear me! but what a great blog!! thanks karen ~ is he carrying your shopping on that bicycle cart????!!!
does this happen often?
loved the comment at the end.

23 Nov, 2011


Crumbs!!! Thats a complete contrast to your previous blog, I must admit the way you have commented has amused me but it would not be funny if I was experiencing the journey myself.

23 Nov, 2011


You obviously had to have swimming lessons before you went out there,K.What was for lunch?

23 Nov, 2011


Smiled all way through at your comments K....there is just nothing you can do is there?
Rather aptly named plaza :))

23 Nov, 2011


Interesting blog. K
Sorry, I cant say I wish I was there! The whole scene makes me glad I'm here. I must say they are fond of the colours yellow and rust out there aren't they?

23 Nov, 2011


Brilliant blog and captions,Karen..funny but sad as well,for all those caught up in it..including least you had a lovely day,and got home safely..:o)

23 Nov, 2011


Glad you enjoyed it everyone :)))
It is indeed a bit of a contrast to the beach, Lincslass!

It was a complete surprise to us that it had rained, Sticki! We'd had a lovely day (fillet steak, J, no snails!!) It was very localised and only lasted about 15 minutes... Goodness knows what it'll be like in the rainy season....

I am always enthralled by the chaos caused by the flooding, Scottish. There are long, open storm drains down either side of the 'Expressway' (even the name of the road makes me chuckle!) covered in places for the sliproads. The problem is that no-one knows where they are after the water reaches a certain level!!

The yellow vehicles are privately owned buses and taxis, Angie. They're everywhere!! But the motor bikes are the most popular form of public transport. They're called Okadas. Last week I saw one carrying the driver, 2 passengers and a goat! lol! The one in the photo had just gone head first into the drain. Luckily, neither the driver or the passenger were hurt.

After Peter successfully negotiated all that, I took most of these photos whilst stuck in traffic on the flyover, Bloomer - at least it was dry there!!!

24 Nov, 2011


That looks bad. I hope you were able to stay dry and get home safely...

24 Nov, 2011


glad you got through safely karen

24 Nov, 2011


Thank you Hywel and Sticki :)

There comes a point at which you just think, 'ah well, this is AMT...'

African Maybe Time.... :)
(as long as the air-conditioning is working! lol!)

24 Nov, 2011


We got your rain here now Karen..its absolutely peeing down!!!!!!! Horrid day!!!!!!! :(((((

25 Nov, 2011


Oh dear, Pixi! :(
And it's supposed to be Amatan now here, Pixi...the rain should have stopped a few weeks ago...

25 Nov, 2011


:((((((( hasnt let up all day..its miserable :(((((((

25 Nov, 2011


What's it like this morning, Pixi? Cloudy here - could go either way...

26 Nov, 2011

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