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Search Party Sent Out For Bob the Builder


I was quite looking forward to last Saturday afternoon. OH was away on a business trip to another country and Esther was on her day off. My son was due to arrive very early Sunday morning – so I had just a little quality time to myself before Christmas kicked off in earnest…

Black and white movie on TCM (we don’t get a wide variety of channels here)…and relax…

But, ‘What was that fizzling sound?’ I wondered…and ‘Why was the junction box on the wall slowly sparkling like the fairy lights on slow glow?’…

‘Oh, No!!!’, I thought, trying not to panic…‘Small fire – big problem!’ And I switched all the sockets off – using a wooden broom handle, of course.

Luckily, Peter arrived at that very moment and was despatched to find the Estate electrician…

Steven duly arrived with his extended tool kit, ie screwdriver, blunt hacksaw, claw and mash hammers and a crowbar…

So the ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’ got to work right away!

Two broken hammers later…they’d found the source of the problem…

…it turned out that one of the cables was arcing against the metal conduit and it was actually molten!

Steven got to work with his blunt hacksaw. I offered him the use of my nailfile but he preferred the crowbar approach…

…and, finally, was ready to use his trusty screwdriver…and some sticky back plastic…

No more wahallah – problem fixed!!!
Now, there were just the finishing touches to put to the job…

Strangely enough, all the Estate workers are wearing red cowboy hats trimmed with white ermine at the moment….!

Upon hearing of my plight, a good friend – Catwoman aka Bloomer, sent Bob the Builder and his mates down on the nearest available flight…

…but they seem to be lost in Lagos…or have perhaps even been kidnapped!!!!

I’m using all my contacts (fortunately none of them electrical) to find them…but no news yet…

If anyone knows anything about their whereabouts could they please let me know….urgently…as it’s a little bit too ‘Live in Lagos’ at the moment!!!!!!!!!

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Can they fix it ?
Yes they can :o)

Will they reach you ?
Yes, they will :o)

22 Dec, 2011


OMG! I wouldn't dare turn anything on!

22 Dec, 2011


I'm confident that they'll be found soon, TT...even if a ransom has to be provided! ;)

Exploding fairy lights, Gattina...perhaps only in Africa...! ;)

22 Dec, 2011


Living there must be quite an "experience".

22 Dec, 2011


Shocking I'd say! O

22 Dec, 2011


There's never a dull moment, that's for sure...
...and somehow it all seems to happen when OH is 'somewhere else'!

Still haven't seen a single Santa, J...I think that he's been reading the FO's travel advice and he's too scared to come here...........!

23 Dec, 2011


Make yer man dress up as Santa! hehe

23 Dec, 2011


Havenay got the heart, hennie...42°C this afternoon - it's way too hot up there on the roof...even poor old Rudolph and the gang would have to practice walking on hot coals before they could land!!! lol!

23 Dec, 2011


hahah! Awwww :)

23 Dec, 2011


hahah! J! What could it be called.....?
SBS...Support for Blazing Santas, perhaps??

...or FFFF-FCUK.....
Flip-flops for Flagging Father Christmases upon Kindling............. :)))

23 Dec, 2011


How did you know, J..............................?? :)))

23 Dec, 2011


Oooops...I thought I'd counted them! Now too many 'o's.....okay, I submit! lol!

(...but in my defence, I have just discovered a new drink! Jungle juice aka gin laced Chapman......verrrrrrrrry nice! lol!)

23 Dec, 2011


enough excuses already,Karen..and not even Christmas yet !!...looks like the 'Bob' team have arrived then..and smuggled some of the jungle juice with them ! seems like you could be legless by the time you go on holiday..will you even remember you have been ?

23 Dec, 2011


Who knows, Bloomer...and who could even tell the difference?! lol!! :)))

23 Dec, 2011


I will await your return then,wherever you end up.!:o) x

23 Dec, 2011


Off to 'Whiskering Paws' aka 'Whispering Palms' in the morning, Bloomer...see ya Boxing Day! Enjoy!xxx

23 Dec, 2011


Have a lovely time Karen .. :o) xxx

23 Dec, 2011


Well, you certainly seem to live life on the edge Karen...don't know whether to envy you or be grateful for boring normality!:-)

29 Dec, 2011


Thanks, TT...we did! lol!

It does all seem to happen here, BA...West Africa is definitely a world! :))

29 Dec, 2011


Playing catchup Karen, your blogs have had me chuckling for ages, loved your Christmas Tree and the little Nativity scene and this blog has really amused me...

29 Dec, 2011


Aw, thanks Lincslass! I'm glad that you've enjoyed my blogs...I've definitely had some experiences since I've been here, that's for sure......!

I've had two choices, I think...embrace it...or leave!
(I'm actually loving it....) :)))

29 Dec, 2011

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