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what an adventure!! haha


we went on an adventure on saturday my husband generally works 7 days a week away so we don’t see him much, this was his one day off since may.

so just to make the most of it took him to pick up my newish mower, well i already hadn’t realised how far away it was( about 80miles each way), but i don’t mind i like driving and it was a nice day. hubby decides that we should use the sat nav(invention of the devil, it’s built in to his phone) so we type in the post code and off we go, amusingly avoiding the motorway and going up sutton bank which for locals you’ll understand my horror for everyone else it’s a 25% incline that twists and turns for ages and people always break down, stall and tow up it.

so after about an hour an a half we go through the town were heading for and straight out the other side, we being trusting souls or idiots carry n regardless, drones to this supperior mapping technology. well after ages about 15 mile we are in the middle of a farmer feild next to massive wall of trees and aparently we have reached our destination. WTF? so we turn around and decided to head back to the town and have a cuppa so we stop next to nice cafe and use the pay phone( stupid phone nav having died on us) and thou and behold all by ourselves with little tachnology had managed to end up at the right place.

yay lawn mower – the mower is bigger and better than i had expected from the picture and is a self propelled one even better.

the doen side is the mower worked all right this morning i however had to turn it over to remove some long grass stopping it going and have probably blocked the carb and now it won’t start or starts then cuts out errrr.
so after i put the tea on i’m going to take it to piece and clean the carb and the spark plug and hope it works(might need an air filter as well) still it was only fifty quid and that’s the way my life works so just more of the same please. lol

the bit i mowed looks great and we found a massive chive plant at the back of the garden that i’m going to split up and spread around ( great for my allium, onion garlic, leek raised bed, alliums are really expensive onions are a lot cheap and have wicked flowers of you let them bolt and you could eat some as well)

well one step towards a garden and half of one back.

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oh and i forgot to mention hubby was thrilled with five hours of driving and heavy lifting puncuated by a baby rolling in the sea then the mud and then the sea for an hour. hhahahah

20 Sep, 2009


That sounded like fun! dont think I've seen an onion flower can you take a pic next time they do so we can see?

20 Sep, 2009


lol what a day you had. I've never tried a sat nav. When my cousin was coming to my mother's funeral he had a sat nav and his son had another one . They both told them to go different ways and they said they got confused.. lol. I don't know why they needed one in the first place - they already know the way. lol

20 Sep, 2009


sutton bank fills me with dread too. its when you get your self round that first bend to find a stalled car just slowly rolling back towards you !!! that gets me every time. its lovely round there though isnt it.

20 Sep, 2009


As a lorry driver for far to many years to mention I know all about Sutton (hell's gateway) Bank. Lol. It never ceases to amaze me when I see caravans rolling backwards down the hill after the towing vehicle ( which is usually to small to do the job) has over heated and cut out. Mix in the local bikers speed trialing up it and over-cautious drivers crawling down the other way and you can well understand my nick name for it.

22 Sep, 2009

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