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dig dig dig


i now have one bed full of soil and compost that is loose and loverly with hardly any rocks in it, yehhhh!!
it took alot of digging riping pulling and 140 lilters of compost- the bed was a tiered rockery before- i don’t need a rockery what good would that be couldn’t grow to many carrots in that now could i. so i have raised the front so the the top of the soil on the first level is the same height as the wall aroung the second level – so ot’s like one big high bed.
the second level is not playing ball i’ve tried to dig it-no chance- i have now taken to hitting it repaeatedly with a massive axe – now i have slits in the really hard ground and still can’t dig it – i think i need a jack hammer or a ten man team of navies lol.

sorry just to point out that the first level is the lowest and the second one is higher.

so in the second level i’m going to put all my strawberry plants and train them right across the bed – this means the kids can’t get to them haha ( the chook probably still will though)

in the first level i’m planting gerainiums at the front sweet williams everywhere and as well as some interesting half dead plants i’m rescuing for the summer – once i move them around in the spring the bed will mainly be veg hopefuly.

todays bargains

allium bulbs in no frills loads for 99p
pansies, sweet williams, and some other small bedding plants 49p a tray so about 8 of each

oh yeah and some seeds for lettus i planted on my windowsil three days ago have grown and are an inch tall. woohoo

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Keep going Kat you`ll get there......

1 Oct, 2009


Sounds hard work Kat pink dont do your back in!

1 Oct, 2009


my backs already knackered i just have to make sure i can still walk the day after.
normally i'd be going yeah hubby back from work tomorrow can help with digging and give me a rest but he has broken ribs so that's him not helping for months. men!

what rally hurts is my wrist from keep hitting stones, seriuosly it's the hardest ground i have ever seen, you know when you lift your fork up high and hit it in the dirt so it stands up by itself - well in my garden the fork just bounces off the floor.

1 Oct, 2009


Good luck with the digging. I'm sorry your husband has broken ribs. I remember my mother broke a rib many years ago. She couldn't breathe properly for months and was in a lot of pain , - so don't complain about him please.

2 Oct, 2009


hi blodyn i do complaine about him coz he broke his ribs while riding a quad bike drunk. i only left for an hour on his own. i would undoutedly give anyone else sympathy but injuries that occure from drinking in my house recieve none(or a little i did feed him his dinner in bed off a spoon before sending him back to work) lol

2 Oct, 2009


In the above comment you said "men !" - so I thought you were another moaning woman. Sorry for the misunderstanding :o)
Well I'd have no sympathy with him either if that was the

2 Oct, 2009

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