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hi everyone,
as you know i’m new on here and would just like to say how nice it is that everyone is so friendly and always says nice things, so many forums the people can be a bit nasty to new comers or anyone with an oppinon.

the reaction from everyone else i know as been a bit different, when a friend asked me what i doing and i told him blogging about gardening to like minded souls he actually laughed and called me mad infact said are you turning into some mad gardening woman – like i was some crazy woman in the street in my knickers screaming oh well.
all my friends just like drinking and clubbing and all that unreal stuff, it’s mostly fakeness. i asked me friend what he had that was real in his life he couldn’t answer.
i know that digging the ground is real, growing food is real being dirty at the end is real, dragging coal in and lighting a fire is real.
not like getting drunk eating mcdonalds buying clothes to go out and get drunk in and fliping a switch to turn on the central heating. what’s real in that life?

i’m 28 not old not young but i thinnk i found my feet and my beliefs, i need a real life that makes you tired at the end of the day with real outcomes.

ps this rant is not really aimed at anyone and not ment to affend you if you like the above stuff and gardening and hard work all the better for you. lol
and i do eat mcdonalds and smoke like a chimney just not all the time as my whole life.

cheers for reading all my blogs it’s really nice to now your all out there listening to my little exploits.

thanks kat

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Hi Kat Pink u rave all u want were like a Big Family on GOY which im sure ul soon find out :) I always say theres worse things we could be addicted to & Gradening gives so much pleasure not just to the Gardener but 2 others who sit in & admire all the hard work Eg Friends,Family & Pets :) Like u iv always liked gardening & People sum times have sniggered @ me 2 ,Their Loss Hey ;)

2 Oct, 2009


Jacque's right Katpink, these people only scoff because they don't know what they're missing. A lot of people don't realise how rewarding and what fun gardening is until they get a garden of their own, I know I didn't but that was a very long time ago and to me you are young! Your friends will join you in the grown up world one day. I've only briefly looked at other forums but I was immediately struck how friendly and encouraging GoY members are so I'm glad you feel the ...anyone fancy a McDonalds, yum!! :o))

2 Oct, 2009


Hi Kat, you do want you want girl. its your life and as long as YOUR happy thats the main thing :-).

2 Oct, 2009


Hi Katpink. Same as you I am new to GoY and have found it to be the friendliest bunch of people.
Revel in your individuality now as a good majority of your friends will be asking your advice in a few years time when they succumb to the gardening bug.
I have always been the dog mad gardening woman but the wealth of friends I have because of it is a real pleasure to me.They all laugh but it is with me not at me and since I became a singleton again they've all been their for me. So just laugh along with them and have a McD and a beer when you're too tired to cook because of all that digging

2 Oct, 2009


Hi Katpink, nice to meet you. I know what you mean about other websites. Now what could be more harmless than a dog lovers web site? I went on one and was immediately attacked by a sort of pack who ganged up to make snide and nasty remarks especially to new comers. It got so bad I used to feel very anxious just logging on so I had to quit:-( Take no notice of friends who make fun of your hobby/way of life I got into gardening when in my 20s and there's something spiritual in the contentment it can give you. I've never seen anything but encouragement and kindness on this site. You can have a laugh on here too:-))

2 Oct, 2009


It's your life and it's your hobby, if you want to get tired, lug coal, grow your own flowers/veggies, and generally get dirty digging you do so, it's not up to other people to tell you how to live your life, there's nothing better than sitting back after a hard bit of graft in the garden and saying that looks good and I achieved that, as a retiree it's better than working for a living, well done Kat, you tell 'em girl. :o)))

2 Oct, 2009


hear hear
I am about the same age as you, have far more interest in finding worms for my composter then finding an outfit to drink too much in and proabably be sick on hehehe

life is what you make it hun and you sound like you have your priorities in life sorted
good for you

welcome to GoY

hope you stay with us hun


2 Oct, 2009


see your all so nice on here i look forward to conversing for years to come.

if you think dog websites are bad yuo should go on all thoose mother and baby ones no one is allow any kind of oppinon and try to have a laugh and they've hung drwn and quartered before you no it. my mum band me from going on a certain on in her house coz it upset me so much. and god forbid you spelt something wrong.

i wear big boots and i'm covered in mud my kid looks like she live in a mine at the end of the day. and i happy and proud of it.
today i have to look professional and work for a living it's giving me a headache and time to imagine my garden lol

2 Oct, 2009


There are all sorts of people. Some like the same things as you and some like other things. It's nice to be here with people who like the same things.

I've always enjoyed growing plants since I was a small child and I've been laughed at and made out to be a friek but I don't care. It's the way I am and if anyone doesn't like it well that's too bad. I've got no intention of changing so there you are.

So you do what you enjoy, and good for you is what I say. It's the only way you'll be happy. I'm glad you joined GoY.

2 Oct, 2009


You'll certainly have a laugh on here Kat and who cares if you're not much good at spelling. It's one of the few things I am good at but it doesn't matter to me if others aren't. We're all good at different things same as we all like different things. Each to his/her own!

2 Oct, 2009


Well said, Lily!

I'm so glad you've found us to be friendly on GOY, Kat.
I do, as well - and I always find an answer if I have any problems in my garden, too. That in itself is worth its weight in gold! That's aside from the laughs we can have, as well. :-))

2 Oct, 2009


Hi Kat...People I've told that I'm on a gardening website have said I'm old & boring but I bet I've met more good folk, learned more in 4 months about gardening than in the last 4 years & shared more happy & sad stories than they will in a lifetime. Their loss!

2 Oct, 2009


Here Here to all of the above, we stick together and play together. I love this site so much I joined twice! ! !

3 Oct, 2009


Glad you're showing your 'friends' what's important to you and giving your kid (boy or girl?) the very best start in life.

3 Oct, 2009


As if to prove my point my son rang this morning to say he had weeded his front forecourt with the dutch hoe I bought him and wanted my advice about cutting his buddlea back. He always thought it was boring but has felt that satisfying feeling we all do after a bit of pootling in the garden.
Also agree wholeheartedly with others about other websites. This one should be nominated for some award due to the friendliness of everyone

3 Oct, 2009


Well done Kat for being an individual with a mind of your own.You sound happy with your life and that on its own is a blessing, I get very dirty in the garden sometimes but I`m healthy and happy and we do have running water ,lol,so scrub up quite well. Enjoy your gardening and Goy, incidentally I`m quite partial to a Big Mac on occasion as well and I`m drawing my pension,lol......

3 Oct, 2009

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