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i finally done it!!


i’ve planted plants in my garden!! yey
after spending this week digging out the two level bed on the corner and adding loads of compost. i’ve planted my strawberries out as they were looking pot bound, lavender that started to look a bit dead( it also had a hair cut) loads of sweet williams, two clumps of crocosmia( yes i’ve read the blogs about them, if they can spread i’ll give them a prize) and some plants that i can’t remember them name of but they have furry leaves and grow a huge kind of spike with yellow flowers on and something i think is called a ladies pincushion( it think).

i’m well pleased.
the weather is horrendous it’s so windy i’ve had to build up the walls around the plants so they don’t blow away.
know all i have to do is hope they don’t

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Now thats progress and I`d be feeling chuffed in your shoes,well done Kat and yes its blowing a gale here today and we`ve even had a drop of rain............

3 Oct, 2009


Well done Kat's great when you come to plant out isn't it? Hope your plants do well for you.... the soil's still warm, so your plants will have chance to put their roots down before the cold weather sets in. Keep them well watered and they should be fine :)
P.S. The weather's horrendous here too...blowing a gale....:((

3 Oct, 2009


I agree about the weather, it's blowing a hooligan here! ! !
These spikey furry flowers you mentioned, just by chance I've grown some this year and they sound the same, are they Lupin's? I think I've got a photo in my photo bit!

3 Oct, 2009


I've just checked and they are on page 2 bottom left!

3 Oct, 2009


Well done great feeling!

3 Oct, 2009


Well done Kat for braving the gales. Very windy everywhere I think, we had some rain too - about 10 spots! I've no idea what the mystery plant is, it would be good to see some pics of it and your progress. It looks like the crocosmia has plenty of room in your garden to behabe as thuggishly as it likes!!

3 Oct, 2009


Breezy here today too Kat...I hate gardening in the wind but it can cause such damage I'm out there getting blown around tying things up! It's a good feeling tho' to get your plants in the ground isn't it?

3 Oct, 2009


It's been blowing hard here, too - and I had to come in after only a short time, I got so chilled.

Planting is the BEST bit of gardening, I always think!

Could that be Verbascums, do you think, Kat?

3 Oct, 2009


Well done pet....and in all this wind!!!! ...I've left everything horizontal till tomorrow...... I think your right Spritz...I was going to say verbascum too:))

3 Oct, 2009


yes it is verbascum i had it on a lable with the plant i just couldn't be bothered to go back out in the wind again.

all the plants were still there this morning.

4 Oct, 2009


brilliant well done
i havent been in the garden at all this weekend been very busy, am starting to get withdraweral symptons too

x x x

5 Oct, 2009

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